People are Spraying Cheap Vodka on Their Clothes for a Brilliant Reason

Are you in college and out of quarters to wash your three-week-old dirty laundry?
This life-changing trick involves spraying vodka onto your clothes to remove any stench that may have caught on. Since vodka kills bacteria and dries odorless, when it evaporates so does the stink.
The only things needed are a spray bottle that can be purchased at convenience stores and vodka. According to Mic, Brie Dyas, a DIY writer, advises diluting the solution:
“I go 1 to 3 with vodka and water in a spray bottle.
“You can use it on most fabrics, but I wouldn’t use it on dark or bright colors, or on leather. Alcohol is a solvent, and it could potentially discolor fabrics and harm fabrics.”
The tip is effective for daily work clothes, smelly sneakers and smaller gym items, but don’t count on it for the heavy grime of gym sweat — that will require a good, thorough washing.
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