Malaysian student goes viral for making DIY air conditioner

Malaysian student goes viral for making DIY air conditionerMalaysian student goes viral for making DIY air conditioner
A Malaysian university student has gone viral for building a DIY air conditioner using ice boxes and fans.
About the makeshift air conditioner: On May 11, TikTok user Daniel (@danielltwoplus) shared a video of his innovative project.
The 23-second clip shows two fans blowing air into two iceboxes. Cool air escapes from the boxes through cut-up bottles that have been inserted into them.
“Aircon DIY for students,” Daniel wrote in the caption of his now-viral post, which has garnered over 3.2 million views and 265,000 likes.
Future improvements: Daniel told Malaysian publication mStar that he plans on using dry ice in the future to make his air conditioner last even longer. He previously tried adding salt to the ice in the iceboxes, which helped his creation last for up to three hours.
He also shared that his project cost him around 30 Malaysian ringgit (approximately $6.50) in total.
Social media reacts: Several TikTok users commented on Daniel’s video, with some of them even offering suggestions to improve his project.
“That’s genius,” one user wrote, while another said, “I made this in Karachi when you were young. Keep it up.”
“Freeze large bottles of mineral water and put inside less wastage. You have cold water to drink after it melts,” another user wrote.

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