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Vogue Korea erases all traces of controversial Blue House photoshoot

Blue House
  • South Korean model Han Hye-jin and Vogue Korea have faced backlash for holding a provocative photoshoot at the country’s former Blue House.
  • The Blue House is South Korea's former executive office and home of the president.
  • Han and several other models were criticized for several reasons, including wearing Japanese attire in a traditional and historical landmark.
  • The model has since disabled comments on her Instagram account, and Vogue Korea has erased all traces of the photoshoot.

All traces of a Vogue Korea photoshoot held at the Blue House featuring model Han Hye-jin have been deleted following backlash.

On Aug. 22, Vogue Korea released photos of Han and several other models posing in different areas of the Blue House, South Korea’s former executive office and residential home of the president. 

Gucci’s new Osteria restaurant in Seoul serves Korean hanwoo version of signature burger dish

  • The new Gucci restaurant in Seoul, Gucci Osteria Seoul, officially opened its doors on March 28 and features a Korean version of the restaurant's signature burger, the “Emilia Burger.”
  • The restaurant is located in Seoul in the Yongsan district and is on the top floor of the Gucci Gaok flagship store.
  • There are currently three other Gucci Osteria global restaurants, located in Florence, Los Angeles and Tokyo.
  • The adapted version of the burger is made of “hanwoo” (a Korean beef) and Italian parmigiano reggiano cheese, created by Chef Massimo Bottura, who runs the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Osteria Francescana in Italy.

Seoul’s new Gucci restaurant, Gucci Osteria Seoul, officially opened on March 28 and features a contemporary dining experience that incorporates South Korean flavors into traditional Italian dishes.

Gucci Osteria Seoul is located on the top floor of the Gucci Gaok flagship store in Yongsan and officially opened its doors on March 28.

‘Asian face’: Gucci draws flak in China for model’s ‘small eyes,’ makeup

Gucci has become the latest company to come under fire in China for having a model that allegedly perpetuates “Western stereotypes” about Chinese people.

Driving the news: In ads for its new series of bamboo top handle bags, Gucci allegedly featured a female model with “slanted eyes,” a nose ring and a leather whip in her hand. Critics reportedly found the ads offensive, arguing that they serve the Western idea of how Chinese people look.

60-year-old livestreamer sells over $730,000 worth of Gucci in less than 2 hours

Seafood Vendor Sells Gucci

A 60-year-old stage performer-turned-online seafood vendor managed to sell 1 million Singaporean dollars’ (approximately $733,000) worth of Gucci products within two hours while visiting an outlet in Paris.

What happened: Wang Lei, also known online as “fish-selling brother,” went to a Gucci outlet in Paris on Thursday, Dec. 16, where he livestreamed an online  sale of the Gucci products, according to AsiaOne.

Japanese YouTuber reveals he bought the $10,000 Gucci Xbox in unboxing video

One of Japan’s most subscribed-to YouTubers bought a limited-edition $10,000 Gucci Xbox, which he revealed in an unboxing video he posted on Sunday.

Super rare: Japanese YouTuber Hikakin has over 10.3 million subscribers and is a musician known for beat-boxing a cover of the “Super Mario Bros.” theme song in 2010, which currently has close to 53 million views.

Lee Jung-jae of ‘Squid Game’ and Shin Min-ah of ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ are Gucci’s newest brand ambassadors


“Squid Game” star Lee Jung-jae and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” actress Shin Min-ah were recently announced as Gucci’s newest Global Brand Ambassadors.

The “Squid Game” star: Gucci posted several photos of the South Korean actor modeling suits and accessories on their official Instagram account on Nov. 11. 

It’s Almost 2019 and Luxury Fashion Brands are Still Exploiting Asian Culture

In the Fall/Winter 2016 fashion show of luxury fashion house Balenciaga, a familiar bag used in East and Southeast Asian countries was seen touted down the runway.

This bag seemed as if it was ripped straight off of the shopping bags of Bangkok, Thailand, costing 100 baht ($3.90) compared to the designer bags, which are worth about a thousand times more.