60-year-old livestreamer sells over $730,000 worth of Gucci in less than 2 hours

60-year-old livestreamer sells over $730,000 worth of Gucci in less than 2 hours
Seafood Vendor Sells Gucci
Bryan Ke
December 21, 2021
A 60-year-old stage performer-turned-online seafood vendor managed to sell 1 million Singaporean dollars’ (approximately $733,000) worth of Gucci products within two hours while visiting an outlet in Paris.
What happened: Wang Lei, also known online as “fish-selling brother,” went to a Gucci outlet in Paris on Thursday, Dec. 16, where he livestreamed an online  sale of the Gucci products, according to AsiaOne.
  • Around 32,000 Facebook users reportedly watched his livestream. In the first 45 minutes of his show, Wang managed to sell 250,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $183,000) worth of bags. He accomplished his goal of selling more than 1 million Singaporean dollars’ (approximately $733,000) worth of Gucci products in two hours.
  • Wang was reportedly allowed to set up his livestream in one corner of the shop, but he was asked several times by the store to keep the volume down.
  • Following the success of his livestream, Wang said he would return to the same store on Monday, Dec. 20, to sell more products.
  • Wang also talked about some of the things that happened during his Europe trip which began on Dec. 13. He revealed that he had trouble adjusting to French food, such as escargot, and he even asked for Chinese food and fast food instead.
  • I’m so happy, and I’m not being hao lian. Maybe it’s easy for others, but not me. I used to sell so many things, including cars such as Mercedes and Toyotas, but it has never crossed $1 million,” Wang said the following day.
  • He also announced that he plans on using some of the proceeds he received from the sale to “supply basic necessities to 1,000 low-income families in Singapore.” However, Wang did not go into further detail. 
  • Days before the show, Wang expressed his confidence in selling many Gucci products, explaining to Lianhe Wanbao that the items in Paris are 40% cheaper than those sold in Singapore.
Other details: Wang, a former getai singer who made big money selling seafood on Facebook Live, encountered a problem in March after learning that someone had already trademarked the name “Fish Selling Bro” in China, according to Today Online.
  • Sharing the news on his Facebook page on March 3, Wang said his application to sell “Fish Selling Bro” merchandise in China was rejected due to the trademark issue. He was also accused of taking another person’s logo, which he reportedly has been using since April 2020.
  • He also shared a picture showing stacks of boxes with his logo on them. Inside the boxes were his “Fish Selling Bro” branded coffee. “All these goods have to be returned,” he commented. “If not, the authorities will treat them as fakes and confiscate them. Damn it, this coffee is the real deal!”
  • Wang revealed in July 2020 that he was earning more by selling seafood online than by  performing onstage, AsiaOne reported. “How much can one make selling [seafood] online? I can only say, what I earn after an hour of selling seafood online is about two to three times more than one getai show,” he said.
Featured Image via @wanglei.singapore
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