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Chinese woman dresses up as an elderly person so her grandfather, 96, will recognize her in the afterlife

A Chinese woman wore makeup and clothes to make herself look older, so her 96-year-old grandfather will recognize her as an elderly woman when they meet in the afterlife.

Liang Tingting, 27, was raised by her grandparents in Zhangjiang of southern China’s Guangdong Province after her father died of uremia when she was 6 years old. Her grandparents initially farmed to support her education; however, due to financial difficulties, Liang ended up needing to work the rest of her childhood after finishing first grade.

Singaporean woman and her 91-year-old grandfather get matching tattoos to signify their ‘special bond’

tattoo grandpa
  • A woman in Singapore got matching tattoos with her 91-year-old grandfather as a symbol of their “special bond.”
  • Kimberly Andrea Lim, 27, said that growing up Catholic, her grandfather, Ortega Francis, would always remind her to pray, serving as the inspiration behind the matching tattoos.
  • Lim recalled her grandfather expressing enthusiasm at the prospect of getting matching tattoos and explained that he was excited to get another one after 70 years.
  • The granddaughter and grandfather duo were tattooed by Lim’s 34-year-old boyfriend, Christopher Sim, a local tattoo artist.

A 91-year-old grandfather, who last got tattooed over 70 years ago, agreed to get a matching “pray” tattoo with his 27-year-old granddaughter.

When Singapore-based Kimberly Andrea Lim, 27, first brought up the idea of getting matching tattoos with her grandfather, Ortega Francis, she recalled his excitement and how “his eyes lit up,” reported AsiaOne. Although Ortega hadn’t been inked in over 70 years and was worried that his skin would not be able to handle a tattoo at his age, he decided to go through with the idea.

Grandpa Who Didn’t Finish High School Because of WW2 Concentration Camps Graduates With Grandson

A 93-year-old grandfather recently graduated high school together with his grandson last week.

The grandfather, Haruo Hayashi, was among the many students to receive their high school diplomas on Thursday, June 6, during a graduation ceremony at Arroyo Grande High School. There, he was accompanied by his grandson who also graduated with his class.