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Kindhearted Cab Driver Offers Free Ride to Send Off Late Actor Aloysius Pang

A kind cab driver from Singapore touched friends and fans of the late actor Aloysius Pang for offering free rides to and from the cr‌em‌atorium to send off the actor’s ashes.

On Tuesday, January 29, TV host and actress, Belinda Lee shared the heartwarming moment on her Instagram along with a picture of the cast of 2015 drama series, “Tiger Mum” starring Pang, along with Lee and Jayley Woo, according to AsiaOne.

Hayao Miyazaki Admits He Smoked Around Friend Who Died of Lung Cancer During Eulogy

Many friends and colleagues have gathered to say their farewells to one of the legends in the Japanese anime industry, Isao Takahata, with his close friend, Hayao Miyazaki, delivering an emotional eulogy and remembering the memorable moments they’ve spent together.

While speaking in front of friends and colleagues by the portrait of Takahata surrounded by thousands of flowers on Tuesday, Miyazaki shared the time when they had to ask the late co-founder of Studio Ghibli if he could stop his smoking habit and how he purposely smoked beside him after he quit.

Taiwanese Woman’s Wedding Becomes Funeral After Tragic Accident Day Before Birthday

A Taiwanese woman’s wedding tragically turned into her funeral when the bride-to-be was killed in an accident less than a week before the ceremony and the day before her 32nd birthday.

Prior to the accident, Ren An Ni had just left a hospital in Taiwan’s Taoyuan city after finishing her medical appointment. As the soon-to-be bride was making her way across a traffic junction, she was struck by the hospital’s shuttle bus as it was reversing. She died at the scene of the accident, according to AsiaOne.

50 Pole Dancers Perform on Jeeps For Politician’s Funeral in Taiwan

Fifty scantily-clad women recently performed sexy dance moves along the streets of Chiayi county in Taiwan on Tuesday, not for a festival, but for a funeral of a local Taiwanese politician.

The pole dancers were reportedly hired to liven up the send off to Council Speaker Tung Hsiang, who was 76 years old at the time of his passing, according to Taiwan News (via Shanghaiist).