Taiwanese Woman’s Wedding Becomes Funeral After Tragic Accident Day Before Birthday

Taiwanese Woman’s Wedding Becomes Funeral After Tragic Accident Day Before Birthday

October 18, 2017
A Taiwanese woman’s wedding tragically turned into her funeral when the bride-to-be was killed in an accident less than a week before the ceremony and the day before her 32nd birthday.
Prior to the accident, Ren An Ni had just left a hospital in Taiwan’s Taoyuan city after finishing her medical appointment. As the soon-to-be bride was making her way across a traffic junction, she was struck by the hospital’s shuttle bus as it was reversing. She died at the scene of the accident, according to AsiaOne.
Ren’s fiance, Lu Chun-Hsien, was devastated. “It’s the 19th day I’ve not talked to you,” the grieving groom wrote on his FaceBook account. “I finally put a ring on your finger today. We’re married! Sorry you had to wait for another two weeks. Even though you still can’t help me wear my ring, and you couldn’t see me in my wedding suit.
“Even though I’m alone now, I will move forward bravely. It’s just a little tough now and I need more time. So please allow me to miss you a little longer, and remember how good you were to me, your affection, and all the things that we never got to do, so that I can continue to complete our life. In our next life, I hope you will marry me again.”
While Ren’s funeral was mostly a melancholic affair, it was made to look as vibrant and lively as her wedding ceremony, complete with floral decorations and the couple’s pre-wedding pictures. Lu went to great lengths to ensure that Ren’s funeral was as beautiful as their wedding was supposed to be, even including blank cards for the 400 guests to write their wishes.
A hospital representative, along with the shuttle bus driver, were also in attendance, but Ren’s family revealed that they will still pursue legal action as they discuss matters with the hospital.
Lu was so grief-stricken that he was unable to speak at her funeral, breaking down in tears on stage.
Ren and Lu had been together for 13 years before they agreed to wed this year.
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