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This is Probably the Best Face Mask for Drinking Bubble Tea

The world has changed so much in 2020 — for one, wearing a face mask is now an essential part of life. We all have to wear one to protect others around us, but we have one big problem: having to take our masks off to simply have a drink, which could potentially expose ourselves and others.  What if you could drink with your mask on AND stay completely covered and unexposed?

This is the genius behind the Redee Mask, a creation of a New Jersey-based company founded by Asian American entrepreneur Ryan Lee who previously made headlines for Redee Patch, a patch designed to fight “Asian glow”.

Former ‘MythBusters’ Contestant Creates Gun that Shoots Face Masks

Allen Pan, a YouTuber and former contestant of “MythBusters: The Search,” created a gun that can fire face mask straight onto a person’s face.

The invention, which Pan featured in his YouTube channel, Sufficiently Advanced, was made using a spray paint pistol grip, a CO2 canister’s solenoid valve, parts from a car’s brake line for the launcher as well as bola weights to wrap the mask around the target’s head, according to CNET.

Cat Owners in China Are Putting Face Masks on Their Pets to Prevent Coronavirus

coronavirus cats

Pictures of pet cats wearing makeshift face masks are going viral in China as fears of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV or COVID-19) spread globally.

Some worried pet owners are taking human-sized surgical masks and cutting two eye holes out for their cats to wear. Other cats are given masks that only cover their mouths, leaving their eyes fully exposed, according to The Sun.