There is Now a Face Mask for Musicians of Wind Instruments

There is Now a Face Mask for Musicians of Wind Instruments
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
August 14, 2020
Two Japanese companies recently collaborated to create a face mask for musicians who play wind instruments without any difficulties.
Tech Nad, in collaboration with Shimamura Music, had released a face mask that aims to help wind instrument users play while simultaneously wearing a mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The mask was featured on the social media website 9gag. It allows musicians to adjust temperate inside the mask and let them breathe easily while playing their wind instruments, such as the recorder, harmonica, trumpet and saxophone.
The mask, which comes in small or medium sizes with three color options, is set to become available for purchase starting August 18 in Shimamura Music stores or online for 1,848 Japanese yen ($17). It’s unclear if the product will also be available for those outside the country.
Japan has made unique takes on face masks when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. A Japanese startup recently made headlines after it announced they were creating a face mask that could translate nine languages and be connected to a smartphone via bluetooth.
All Images via Shimamura Music
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