This is Probably the Best Face Mask for Drinking Bubble Tea

This is Probably the Best Face Mask for Drinking Bubble Tea
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
August 28, 2020
By Redee
August 28, 2020
The world has changed so much in 2020 — for one, wearing a face mask is now an essential part of life. We all have to wear one to protect others around us, but we have one big problem: having to take our masks off to simply have a drink, which could potentially expose ourselves and others.  What if you could drink with your mask on AND stay completely covered and unexposed?
This is the genius behind the Redee Mask, a creation of a New Jersey-based company founded by Asian American entrepreneur Ryan Lee who previously made headlines for Redee Patch, a patch designed to fight “Asian glow”.
Image via Redee
What sets the Redee Mask apart from other drinking masks on the market? There is no hole or opening on the outside of the mask that would otherwise allow for respiratory droplets to escape — your mouth remains completely covered and unexposed. Their unique design has a flap by your chin that makes it easy to insert your straw without it touching the outside fabric. Redee’s design has another benefit — you don’t have to touch your mask at all to insert your straw.  It’s practically the perfect mask to help keep you hydrated or reward yourself with some bubble tea.
Image via Redee
The two-layer, premium cloth mask is great for covering your mouth and protecting those around you and it also features a pocket to add a replaceable filter (not included) for further protection. It has a wire insert to adjust the fit on the nose and adjustable ear hoops. The mask can also be hand-washed and air-dried to clean it. 
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“We hope our mask can help people stay safe as we all try to responsibly return to some sense of normalcy,” Lee told NextShark.  “It’s important that we do our best to wear a mask in public because wearing one shows you care about the people around you – that you care about helping the world get through this pandemic together.”    
The idea for Redee was born in November 2016 when founder and CEO Ryan Lee was a junior in college looking for a solution to the infamous “Asian glow”, where many people, predominantly Asians, suffer an allergy-like flush of the skin due to an inability to metabolize alcohol properly.
“It took one and a half years of exhaustive research and development to engineer a product with healthy and natural ingredients that worked well, but we finally launched Redee Patch in March of 2018; since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people enjoy their nights clearly and confidently, whether they’re on a first date, at a work happy hour, or even at their wedding,” Lee said.
Image via Redee
In May of 2020 during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee launched the Redee Mask, a clever innovation of the standard face mask that offers a safety that masks with holes or zippers can’t.
“Masks aren’t going away any time soon, so how will people stay safe while they drink at bars, coffee shops, on a flight, and at work? We knew there had to be a way for people to leave their masks on and drink their water, coffee, or cocktail in settings where it’s hard to stay socially distant. We wanted to design something that keeps you completely covered at all times, even while you drink, and doesn’t require you to touch your mask to drink. We created our product with the safety of everyday consumers and essential service workers in mind.”

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