Tourist in China Deported for Assaulting Health Worker Asking Him to Wear Mask

Tourist in China Deported for Assaulting Health Worker Asking Him to Wear Mask

March 31, 2020
A foreigner was kicked out of China after he threw a cell phone at a health worker who told him to put on a mask as the world continues to battle COVID-19.
The incident took place outside a residential community in the city of Xi’an, the capital of China’s Shaanxi province, on Sunday.
The man was trying to enter his rental residence, but he refused to obey rules relating to the control and prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to China Daily.
In the video, which is now circulating on Chinese social media, the man can be seen slurring his words and cursing at a health worker wearing a hazmat suit. He can be heard shouting “mother*****s” before grabbing a cell phone lying on the sidewalk and threw it forcefully towards the man.
The man has not been identified, but he is originally from Morocco, according to the Daily Mail.
Authorities were immediately called and the man was taken to the police station. Many social media users reportedly demanded the man to be deported.
After assessing the situation, the police agreed and announced the man would have to leave China for “disrupting public order” during this time period.
One eyewitness told reporters that alcohol may have been involved as the man smelled of liquor when the incident happened, Shanghaiist reported.
Similar situations have taken place where other foreigners have been kicked out of China after breaking the rules during the pandemic.
An Australian woman was fired and deported for breaking quarantine rules in Beijing by going out on a jog earlier this month.
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