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Japanese Company Now Offers Benefits to Workers Married to Anime Characters

A company in Japan has announced it will give family support benefits to its otaku employees who are “married” to their beloved anime characters.

Whether it’s a waifu, term coined to describe an anime “wife”, or husbando, the counterpart to waifu, which is a fandom slang for “husband”, employees with anime spouses will now receive the same benefits as those with IRL ones.

Company Punishes Under-Performing Employees by Forcing Them to Eat Live Worms

In the hopes of improving employee performance, a Chinese company has implemented an unusual form of punishment for its less productive workers — they must eat live worms in public.

The firm, a home furnishing store in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, conducts the unusual penalty in a public square, according to People’s Daily Online (via the Straits Times). 

These Tech Companies Allow Their Employees to Get High at Work

Many companies across America wouldn’t hire an applicant who admitted to smoking marijuana, but in Colorado, where pot is legal, some tech startups have embraced their workers’ cannabis consumption.

One of those startups is Denver-based Flowhub, which was founded in 2015 by Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman to develop software for cannabis growers and dispensaries. According to CNN, the company currently has 18 employees that often bring marijuana-infused edibles and drinks to work — smoking isn’t allowed in the building.

Companies Who Give This Free Perk Have the Happiest Employees

A survey conducted last month revealed that companies who offer free snacks to their employees have the happiest work environments.

The survey from online grocery-delivery company Peapod questioned 1,000 office employees questioned about their companies’ snack privileges, reports USA Today. Of those surveyed, 56% reported being either “extremely happy” or “very happy” with their employers. Among that percentile, 67% were offered free food as a company perk.

These CEOs Make a Disgustingly Large Amount of Money Compared to Their Employees

The Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted a new protocol mandated by the Dodd-Frank financial law that will require large companies to disclose their median compensation level starting in 2018.

The law was established for the benefit of company shareholders as they will be presented with more information pertaining to how executives are paid. While this law will undoubtedly benefit shareholders it may also come with some unintended backlash.

CEO Hands Out $27 Million in Bonuses to Employees After Company Buyout

In an ideal world, all company executives would share their success with the many workers that made that success possible. We don’t live in that kind of world, but we still have CEOs like Nevzat Aydin, who recently paid out $27 million from his company’s recent buyout to his employees as a bonus.

Aydin is the CEO and co-founder of the Turkish food delivery company, Yemeksepeti, which recently sold for $589 million to Berlin takeout service company Delivery Hero. Aydin decided to split $27 million among 114 employees, all of whom he believes had a hand in making the company the success it is today.