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Philip Wang’s Boba Cafe Trolls the Internet With a Boba Emoji

In case you didn’t know, July 17 was unofficially dubbed as the #WorldEmojiDay and people got what they’ve been asking for years now: a boba emoji – or at least so they thought.

Bopomofocafe, owned by Wong Fu Productions’ Philip Wang, recently posted a picture on Instagram that appears to be a tweet that says: “Wow! Can’t believe they finally made a boba/bubble tea emoji! And it looks like a BPMF cup!” accompanied by a few boba emojis and the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay.

Dear Apple, Why TF is There No Boba Emoji Yet??

Emojis are essential to human communication nowadays. It simplifies our text messages, tweets, even work emails. You can make plans with a loved one with a single emoji (🍆?) or call someone an idiot with another ( 🤡). This is the result of centuries of human evolution and technological advancements.

But even with the wide variety of food and drink emojis already available on iPhones, one crucial beverage has been wrongfully left out for far too long.

Vandal Epically Trolls a McDonald’s Billboard with Emojis

A McDonald’s billboard in the UK that advertised the company’s Good Times ad campaign message was comically altered to transmit a new message that conveys harsh times.

McDonald’s recently launched an ad campaign using a series of emojis to appeal to millennials. However, their attempt to lure the positive attention of younger customers was thwarted when a vandal humorously added an additional puke emoji.