Dear Apple, Why TF is There No Boba Emoji Yet??

Dear Apple, Why TF is There No Boba Emoji Yet??
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
June 7, 2019
Emojis are essential to human communication nowadays. It simplifies our text messages, tweets, even work emails.
But even with the wide variety of food and drink emojis already available on iPhones, one crucial beverage has been wrongfully left out for far too long.
The official drink of Asian Americans — the boba milk tea.
Passionate activists on Twitter have been demanding this change for years but their cries have been ignored for far too long.
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You’d think with Asian American and Pacific Islander month just gone and past they would have figured this out earlier but no, Apple has failed us all and we deserve better.
Imagine how much easier life would be if we had a boba emoji, instead of typing out 4 exhausting letters, we could ask someone if they want to grab boba with a single emoji.
So here is our official demand for change:
Dear Apple, out of respect for the Asian American community and our vibrant culture, please consider adding the boba emoji to your ever-growing, diverse collection of emojis.
Until this change has been made, us Asian Americans as a community still have so much work to do.
Feature Image (background) via Tenor, (left) via Instagram/Bobamade, (right) via Wikimedia Commons/Howeif (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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