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‘Representation matters’: Viewers spot small details in ‘Turning Red’ trailers that make a big difference

turning red diabetic character
  • A Reddit user shared a screenshot from the official trailer of Disney Pixar’s “Turning Red” to point out a light blue patch on a student’s left arm.
  • Reddit users believe that the animated student is wearing a Dexcom, a glucose monitoring device used by people with diabetes, and marveled at the minor detail adding to the film’s diverse representation of characters.
  • In the Pixar film’s teaser trailer, which was released last year, another animated female student with dark brown hair in one of Mei’s classes was also previously spotted with a diabetic device attached to her right arm and a purple insulin pump on her waistband.
  • Pixar's first Asian-led animated film “Turning Red” premieres today on Disney Plus.

Disney Pixar’s latest animated film “Turning Red” includes a small detail that viewers are marveling at: a little blue patch on a student’s arm. 

Reddit user @Scorch8482 shared a screenshot from the film’s trailer, wherein a blond female student wearing a light blue patch on her left arm is shocked to find Mei in her panda form in the bathroom. 

Father Dresses Up as His Daughter’s Favorite Cartoon to Raise Money for Her Stem Cell Treatment

A dedicated father from Yangzhou, Shandong Province, China, is doing everything he can to raise money for his daughter’s diabetes medical treatment, including dressing up as the British cartoon character Peppa Pig.

Zhou Yingfang had the shock of his life when his daughter was diagnosed with diabetes in 2016 at the age of 2, according to The Paper (translated by Shanghaiist).