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Why Elderly Asians Are Beating Up Racists in DC Comics’ New Superhero Anthology

When DC Comics released its first-ever action-packed and emotional 96-page anthology commemorating its Asian superheroes in May, I didn’t expect to see our elders kicking racists across the chest.

Featured in “DC Festival of Heroes” are 11 stories touching on topics that many Asian Americans, longtime fans or comic book rookies can relate to. Whether it’s a coming-of-age story for young heroes, diving into identity issues, feeling a need to assimilate, or dealing with microaggressions and racism, all touch on the importance of representation.

I Grew Up Watching the Monkey King on TVB, Now He Lives on in the DC Universe

Monkey King

Nerds, let us unite over the Monkey King because I never thought I’d see the day when DC Comics would accept perhaps the most legendary mythical figure in Chinese lore as canon in the DCU.

In February, Jessica Chen, a DC comics editor, posted a Lunar New Year greeting to the Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits. It was there that I first heard of “DC Festival of Heroes” — the company’s first-ever Asian heroes anthology.

‘Justice League’ Actor Cut From ‘The Flash’ After Dispute With DC Films President Walter Hamada

ray fisher

Ray Fisher is out of the 2022 DC Extended Universe film “The Flash” after publicly declaring he would never work with DC Films’ head Walter Hamada.

What happened: The 33-year-old “Justice League” actor called out Hamada on Dec. 31 following a Sept. 4 New York Times profile, where he talked about the future of the DCEU and revealed their ambitious six-films-a-year plan, according to IndieWire.

DC Films Has a New President and He’s Asian American

After an arguably tumultuous year for DC movies, Warner Bros. has decided to excite everyone with the announcement of a leadership change in the beginning of 2018.

At the center of this massive change is the promotion of talented film producer Walter Hamada, who will oversee the production of its comic book movies as DC Film’s new president. He will be taking the reins from Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, who were placed in charge of DC Films in 2016 after the disappointing performance of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Twitter Demands Daniel Dae Kim Become The Man of Steel… Or Else

There is no question that international action star Daniel Dae Kim can pull off any superhero role, even the iconic Superman from DC Comics.

The talented Korean American actor certainly has the build, looks and charisma of someone who could classify as superhero material. That is why a GIF image of him simply removing his glasses has sparked buzz on Twitter about him being fit to play the man from Krypton.

Meet The Actress Playing Grace Choi in DC’s ‘Black Lightning’

The TV adaptation of DC Comics’ “Black Lightning” has cast Chantal Thuy for its first season.

Thuy will play Grace Choi, a bartender who becomes the love interest of Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams), the daughter of Black Lightning (Cress Williams). In the comics, she has superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina and accelerated healing due to her Amazonian ancestry.

DC is Looking For an Asian Male Teen to Play Beast Boy in ‘Titans’ Live-Action TV Show

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television are looking for a teenaged Asian actor to play the role of Beast Boy for the “Titans” live-action TV series, based on DC Comics’ “Teen Titans”.

The casting call for the role, posted on casting site Cast It Talent, stated that the production is in search of a 13-15-year-old Asian male.

All of DC’s Asian Superheroes Got Together For Some Dim Sum

Taking a break from fighting crime and saving the world, Kenan Kong, aka the new Super-Man, gets together with China’s Bat-Man (Wang Baixi) and Wonder-Woman (Peng Deilan) along with other Asian superheroes of the DC Universe for some delicious Chinese food!

Asian American artist Bernard Chang created the variant cover of New Super-Man #11 in celebration of May being Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which in the comic book world means #asianheroesmonth !

Meet the Filipina-American Actress Who’s DC Comics’ Newest Star

A Filipina-American is currently playing the recurring role of Martian M’gann M’orzz (Miss Martian in the DC Comics lore) in this season of ‘Supergirl’.

Sharon Leal, a 44-year-old actress (yes, you read that right) who played roles in other American TV series such as “Legacy”, “Guiding Light”, “Hellcats”, and “Boston Public”, first appeared on the third episode of season 2 of the CW Network hit show in October of last year.