Meet the Filipina-American Actress Who’s DC Comics’ Newest Star

Meet the Filipina-American Actress Who’s DC Comics’ Newest StarMeet the Filipina-American Actress Who’s DC Comics’ Newest Star
A Filipina-American is currently playing the recurring role of Martian M’gann M’orzz (Miss Martian in the DC Comics lore) in this season of ‘Supergirl’.
Sharon Leal, a 44-year-old actress (yes, you read that right) who played roles in other American TV series such as “Legacy”, “Guiding Light”, “Hellcats”, and “Boston Public”, first appeared on the third episode of season 2 of the CW Network hit show in October of last year.
Miss Martian was a character first introduced in 2006’s Teen Titans #37, with a background similar to Supergirl’s.
In the series, Leal’s character is a White Martian who initially disguised herself as a Green Martian ( like the Martian Manhunter) because White Martians are stereotyped as a barbaric race, Asam News reported.
Leal, a half-black half-Filipino born and raised in the Philippines, has also been featured in movies such as “Dreamgirls”, “This Christmas”, “Why Did I Get Married?”, “Why Did I Get Married Too?”.
“Some of my fondest memories of living in the Philippines are being in the water playing on inner tubes. I also remember my mother taking me to the open markets where I ate fresh mango and coconut. I had a huge addiction to tamarind anything..ha!” she was quoted as saying.
“And my grandfather used to walk me to the sugarcane fields and I’d eat those like there was no tomorrow! I also remember getting my nails done at some of the nail salons there, which was always an event. My ears were pierced there with just ice and a needle…ouch!”
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