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Famed Chef David Chang Opens Up About De‌‌pres‌si‌on in Wake of An‌th‌o‌ny B‌o‌u‌r‌d‌‌ain’s D‌ea‌t‌h

Famed New York chef, David Chang, who moved to Los Angeles, California to open up his restaurant Majordomo, talks about depr‌e‌ss‌ion in his latest podcast episode in the wake of the tragic d‌e‌ath‌ of beloved chef and travel documentarian, Anthony Bourdain.

Chang, in his latest episode of his podcast “The Dave Chang Show,” opens up about dep‌res‌sio‌n and his struggles as he thinks that this is the best way to honor Bo‌ur‌da‌in, who di‌e‌d inside his Kaysersburg, France hotel on June 8 from an apparent s‌ui‌ci‌d‌e at the age of 61.