Chef David Chang Says Adding Fish Sauce to Spaghetti Takes it to Another Level

Chef David Chang Says Adding Fish Sauce to Spaghetti Takes it to Another Level
Ryan General
May 1, 2019
Multi award-winning Korean-American chef David Chang recently shared a nifty “recipe hack” on Instagram that has intrigued many of his followers.  
In a post on Monday, the 41-year-old restaurateur showed how he used fish sauce as a replacement for Parmesan cheese in the pasta dish he was preparing.
Longtime followers of the Michelin star chef might not find this as surprising, since Chang has been known for combining Asian and Western technique in many of his culinary creations.
Some shared their own experiences using fish sauce (aka every Asian person’s favorite condiment).
“Mom puts fish sauce in her meat sauce for spaghetti for ages,” a commenter wrote. “It’s the best.”
“Fish sauce is my best ‘secret’ ingredient. I put it on gravy, chicken tinga, you name it,” commented another. “So good.”
Other commenters even claimed that using fish sauce or something similar on a dish like spaghetti is not that uncommon in Italy.
“Actually, it’s something that used to be pretty common here in Italy too,” one user wrote. “In the South, they use a sauce made of pressed anchovies called garum (from the Roman empire time).”
“Every Mama in Italy used a little anchovy in their sauce and other dishes for that matter,” another one chimed in.
“I think fish sauce is actually more authentically Italian than tomatoes,” a netizen commented.
Chang, whose Momofuku Ko restaurant earned him 2 Michelin stars, currently serves on the Food Council at City Harvest and the Culinary Council at the Food Bank for New York City, two hunger-relief organizations.
After the success of his Netflix original series “Ugly Delicious” last year, Chang is now embarking on a special project with Chrissy Teigen that will involve creating a variety of food shows for Hulu.
Featured image via YouTube/Netflix (left) and Instagram/davidchang (right)
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