Momofuku’s David Chang cooks mouthwatering salmon… with a microwave

Momofuku’s David Chang cooks mouthwatering salmon… with a microwaveMomofuku’s David Chang cooks mouthwatering salmon… with a microwave
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November 7, 2022
Celebrity chef and Momofuku founder David Chang shocked the internet by cooking a mouthwatering piece of salmon in five minutes – with a microwave.
In a now-viral TikTok video, Chang tells his followers to “think of a microwave as a futuristic steamer.” 
“I like steamed fish, I also had very little time to get dinner on the table for my kids,” he explains.
The Asian American restaurateur first adds soy sauce to a piece of salmon in a microwave-safe bowl. He then adds some agave nectar and seasoned salt before combining the ingredients with his fingers.
“Going to cook this to past medium well because it’s for my kids,” he says while placing a microwave-safe lid on the bowl. To cook the salmon, he uses a microwave for five minutes on standard power and recommends letting the fish rest for around at least 1 minute.
“Delicious way of cooking…especially when you are pressed for time. 5 min for medium well. 3.5 min for medium rare. Let your fish rest….microwave is just a futuristic steamer,” Chang wrote in his post’s caption. 
The video, which was posted on Oct. 28, has amassed over 660,000 views and over 60,000 likes. Several TikTok users commented on the video, expressing either support or shock at the life hack.
“Every office workplace is screaming rn,” one user commented.
“Thanks for this! From a busy Mom and wife of a Chef who’s never home to cook dinner,” another user said.
“THIS. IS. GAME-CHANGING (busy healthcare workers here, this is going to save me so much time),” another user wrote.
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