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He Couldn’t Get Off Work to Pick Strawberries, So His Girlfriend Brought the Strawberry Field to Him

strawberry picking

Japanese work culture can often lead to long working hours and frequent overtime in the office. When one Twitter user couldn’t follow through on a cute date due to work restrictions, his girlfriend decided to bring the date to him.

According to SoraNews24, Twitter user rikujimasukuman, who is with his first girlfriend after 24 years of being single, promised to take her out on a strawberry picking date. However, as the day of the actual date came closer, rikujimasukuman found himself busier and busier with work, making things quite difficult for him to take a day off.

Woman Live-Tweets a Couple’s Super Cringeworthy Date at a Sushi Restaurant

When Kelly Fine went out for sushi Wednesday night, she stumbled upon what was supposedly one of the worst dates ever and her ensuing live-tweets are pretty hilarious.

Fine, who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, decided to take to Twitter to document the excruciating date between a girl and a complete control freak. It all began when the guy, identified only as Tony, refused to go through the menu and wanted to order for both of them, Mashable noted.

Girl Posts Cringeworthy Post-Date Text With the ‘Worst Person in the World’

While dating is suppose to be a pleasant experience, it can definitely get awkward and sometimes scary if you pick the wrong person. Yesterday, a London resident named Luke Mackay posted the following exchange on Twitter. He claims that it was a text conversation between his friend and someone she described as “quite literally the worst person in the world.”

Cheapest. Date. Ever. (Shudders)