Chinese woman goes on over 100 dates in a single year after tragic breakup

Chinese woman goes on over 100 dates in a single year after tragic breakup
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Bryan Ke
December 29, 2022
A woman in Beijing revealed that she has gone on over 100 dates in a year in search of someone who wants to raise a child with her.
The 32-year-old woman, only identified as Baozhuzi, shared her dating experiences with NetEase News in a mini-documentary uploaded to Weibo on Monday.
Speaking to NetEase News, Baozhuzi revealed that before dating other men, she was in an eight-year relationship and had a well-paying job at a big tech firm in Beijing.
Her life fell apart last year after her boyfriend at the time suddenly ended their relationship. Two weeks after their breakup, she lost her job.
Baozhuzi started dating men from different cultural and professional backgrounds, including men who worked in finance and in music, in late 2021. She revealed that at one point, she went on three dates in a single day.
Baozhuzi admitted that in addition to dating other men to move on from her ex-boyfriend, she was looking for someone with a similar goal of raising a child. She also admitted that she is not worried about marrying at a specific age.
I don’t have any pressure to get married before a certain age, but I do want to have a baby before I’m 35,” she told NetEase News, according to South China Morning Post.
Baozhuzi eventually found a new boyfriend in November after dating for around a year. After going on over 100 dates, Baozhuzi shared that she has learned to “accept failure” and that “you can work hard on everything except for love. You cannot expect to be rewarded in love.”

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