Woman Live-Tweets a Couple’s Super Cringeworthy Date at a Sushi Restaurant

Woman Live-Tweets a Couple’s Super Cringeworthy Date at a Sushi Restaurant

November 17, 2016
When Kelly Fine went out for sushi Wednesday night, she stumbled upon what was supposedly one of the worst dates ever and her ensuing live-tweets are pretty hilarious.
Fine, who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, decided to take to Twitter to document the excruciating date between a girl and a complete control freak. It all began when the guy, identified only as Tony, refused to go through the menu and wanted to order for both of them, Mashable noted.
The series of tweets below make for fun bad-date anecdotes.
“There’s a couple on their first date at this sushi place and the guy announced ‘I don’t look at menus. And I’m ordering for us.’ Girl,” Fine’s first tweet of the evening read.
Things escalated from there when Tony went ahead an ordered without glancing at what the restaurant had to sell.
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“If only there was some way he could have known this before hand,” Fine pointed out a few seconds later.
He was a bit of a douchebag to the staff serving them as well.
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Tony then wanted to know if the girl wanted dry wine to drink.
“She said ‘sake’. He said: ‘sweetie I can’t make all the decisions for us,’” Fine tweeted out. “She said ‘…sake?’”
Fine then wrote that the fellow asked the chef and then the waitress, if the venue had “giant clam.” When he was told that they did not have what he wanted, Tony said he didn’t like looking at menus.
The waitress went ahead and suggested what the restaurant could serve the couple.
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The two continued their conversation, but Tony was the only one talking, and when the girl looked away for a second, he got really vexed.
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As the night went on, Fine realized that “this is not a first date, but I am positive this is a BAD date.”
Fine wanted to double check if Tony, who “chewed up the skin of his edamame!!!!!!!”, was married to the woman — she saw that she was wearing a ring.
“I want to tell her ‘marriage is just paper you can still leave him. I’ve seen it happen,” Fine tweeted, but she later found out that they were not together after all.
Then the food finally arrived, and Fine was flabbergasted at what happened next.
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Fine was told by the waitress to leave if she wasn’t going to order anything else. But how could she when she was at the epicenter of one of the worst dates in the history of romance?
She concluded her live-tweeting, which lasted for about an hour, with: “He is ‘introducing himself to a cigarette’ outside so I’m going to leave. Thanks for tuning in! We made it!”
Fine’s tweets have racked up hundreds of retweets and likes, and she followed up with, “I can’t wait for all this virality to go straight to my head.”
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