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Japan is Giving Out Free ‘Sailor Moon’ Condoms for STI Awareness

sailor moon

The Japanese government and its partners have started giving away free Sailor Moon-themed condoms.

Japan’s Ministry of Health — in partnership with Labour and Welfare, HIV-awareness organization Act Against AIDS and Okamoto Loverslab, a division of Japanese condom maker Okamoto Condoms — is giving away free condoms as part of its movement to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases as well as promote the importance of HIV testing, according to the “Sailor Moon” official website via SoraNews24.

Filipino Mom Cuts Up Son’s Condoms Because ‘no sex before marriage’

A Filipino mom was checking her son’s wallet when she discovered four condoms and her reaction may have been unconventional from how other parents would react.

South Korea Sets New Olympic Record By Giving 110,000 Condoms to Athletes

pyeongchang condoms

Athletes looking for hookups while participating in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea this month will have more than enough free condoms to last them for the duration of the Games.

According to the event’s organizers, a total of 110,000 condoms will be distributed to all the 2,925 participating athletes, the South China Morning Post reports. 

Chinese Company Gifts Workers the Cheapest New Year’s Bonus Possible

As the Chinese New Year approaches, companies have begun distributing the traditional, although not required, bonuses to their employees.

While many businesses prefer paying bonuses in cash (usually a month’s salary in 100 RMB “red notes” placed neatly in the Chinese New Year Red Envelopes), there are a few which choose to give gifts of a different kind.

Thailand is Now Making Durian-Flavored Condoms

An unnamed Bangkok-based condom manufacturer plans to sell durian-flavored condoms for fans of the odorous, spiky fruit.

While fruit-flavored condoms have been the norm for decades now, a durian-inspired version may not be exactly for everyone. The durian, which hails from Southeast Asia, is so pungent that it is banned on mass transit in many Asian countries.

Asian Condom Shares Plummet After China Abandons One-Child Policy

The new Chinese economic policy allowing citizens to bear two children is having a positive effect on just about everyone except condom companies.

Many people and companies were thrilled with the new family planning law, but a leading global company that produces rubber and plastic products called Okamoto Industries watched as their shares plummeted 10% since the law was changed, according to the Guardian.