South Korea Sets New Olympic Record By Giving 110,000 Condoms to Athletes

South Korea Sets New Olympic Record By Giving 110,000 Condoms to Athletes
Ryan General
By Ryan General
February 5, 2018
Athletes looking for hookups while participating in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea this month will have more than enough free condoms to last them for the duration of the Games.
According to the event’s organizers, a total of 110,000 condoms will be distributed to all the 2,925 participating athletes, the South China Morning Post reports
The figure, which equates to about 37 condoms per player, sets the record for the largest number of contraceptive devices given to participants in the history of the Winter Olympics.
The amount is 10,000 more condoms than what were given out during the 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi Games. The 2016 Rio Games in Brazil, where there were about four times as many athletes who participated, saw over 450,000 condoms and 175,000 packets of lubricant made available to players.
Olympians in Pyeongchang will be able to access the free condoms at restrooms throughout both Olympic Villages as well as media and medical centers.
via Instagram / jdj_seoul
Being prepared with such a record number of condoms might seem like an overkill, but over the years the Olympics has earned a notoriety for the number of hookups among athletes within the Olympic Village.
Most of the condoms were donated by rubber manufacturer Convenience Co., which said that it did so to have  “a successful hosting of the Winter Olympics and the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus.”
Some are taking them just as “Souvenirs”. Photo via Instagram / heidigan1
According to the company’s representative, Chung Geun-sik, they actually “don’t expect the athletes to use them all,” noting that many of the contraceptives would probably end up being taken home as souvenirs instead.
Feature Image via 41NBC
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