Thailand is Now Making Durian-Flavored Condoms

An unnamed Bangkok-based condom manufacturer plans to sell durian-flavored condoms for fans of the odorous, spiky fruit.
While fruit-flavored condoms have been the norm for decades now, a durian-inspired version may not be exactly for everyone. The durian, which hails from Southeast Asia, is so pungent that it is banned on mass transit in many Asian countries.
According to China Press (via Jakarta Press), the company’s spokesperson said that production of the unique contraceptive is already underway.
The company, which produces two billion condoms annually, believes that the new durian-flavored condoms will be a hit among durian-loving Asians. Production is planned to increase to five billion upon opening a new factory.
Through government efforts, Thailand’s condom use has become widespread since the 1990s due to its highly successful STD prevention campaign called “100% Condom Program.” The government enforces condom use for every commercial sex encounter in the country.
In 2003, a similar product was a huge hit in Indonesia, selling 150,000 pieces in its first week of market release.
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