Asian Condom Shares Plummet After China Abandons One-Child Policy

Asian Condom Shares Plummet After China Abandons One-Child Policy
Editorial Staff
October 30, 2015
The new Chinese economic policy allowing citizens to bear two children is having a positive effect on just about everyone except condom companies.
Many people and companies were thrilled with the new family planning law, but a leading global company that produces rubber and plastic products called Okamoto Industries watched as their shares plummeted 10% since the law was changed, according to the Guardian.
Other Tokyo-based companies such as Beingmate Baby & Child Food, Pigeon Corp, Unicharm and Kao, however, all saw their numbers spike anywhere from 4-10%.
Child Care, a producer of hair and skincare products for children, witnessed a surprising 40% increase on Hong Kong’s stock exchange on Friday.
Credit Suisse estimates that there will be an additional 3 to 6 million more babies born annually in the five-year period starting in 2017. They believe that the economy will see an increase of 4-6% in China’s total retail sales, but condom sales may not jump back up until the country imposes their next law curbing family growth.
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