Chinese Company Gifts Workers the Cheapest New Year’s Bonus Possible

Chinese Company Gifts Workers the Cheapest New Year’s Bonus Possible
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 24, 2017
As the Chinese New Year approaches, companies have begun distributing the traditional, although not required, bonuses to their employees.
While many businesses prefer paying bonuses in cash (usually a month’s salary in 100 RMB “red notes” placed neatly in the Chinese New Year Red Envelopes), there are a few which choose to give gifts of a different kind.
One such company is local synthetic polymer firm Scisky Shuixing Ketian, which gave its entire staff at a Lanzhou, Gansu plant the surprise of their lives after they were told they’ll be receiving condoms as their bonus for this year.   
The company, which produces a variety of synthetic products such as paints and other materials, has recently launched its own line of condoms in the market, according to RocketNews24
While a relatively new player in the condom market, the firm seemed so proud of their product that it thought the condoms would be a perfect substitute for an envelope filled with cash.
In the video, the grateful employees are seen lining up in an orderly fashion. There’s no shoving, no one’s pushing each other here, no one’s cutting the line as each of them receives two boxes of the company’s latest condoms.
When the video surfaced online and the news got out, Chinese netizens were quick to point out how ridiculous the gesture was, with many condemning the company’s gift as “terrible.” 
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