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Supreme Court rules Korean ‘comfort women’ in WWII US camptown sex trade entitled to reparations

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  • South Korea’s Supreme Court has ruled that Korean “comfort women” who worked in brothels for U.S. troops in the 1940s are entitled to reparations between 3 million Korean won and Korean won (approximately $2,092-$4,881) each.
  • The verdict also confirmed the existence of the brothels, called “comfort stations,” which operated in U.S. military camptowns.
  • “I had been frustrated that the Supreme Court hadn’t made any ruling in the several years since we filed the lawsuit, but now that it has finally returned a verdict today in favor of us grandmothers, I can’t help but cry,” she said. “With each year the lawsuit went on, more of our sisters passed. I think they, too, are happy in heaven.”
  • A statement from the advocates and other participants of the press conference sought an official apology for the government, a new law that helps spread awareness about the issue of the “comfort women” and support for the victims.

South Korea’s Supreme Court has ruled that the “comfort women” for U.S. troops in the 1940s are entitled to receive reparations from the government. 

The Sept. 29 decision confirmed an earlier ruling that each of the women who worked in the brothels set up for U.S.soldiers should be compensated between 3 million won and 7 million won (approximately $2,092-$4,881).

Japanese PM Kishida asked German Chancellor Scholz to remove comfort women statue in Berlin

comfort women statue
  • Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asked German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to remove a statue in Berlin honoring Korean comfort women.
  • Japan’s chief cabinet secretary stated on Wednesday that the request was made when Kishida and Scholz met during late April in Tokyo.
  • The statue was built by a pro-Korean civic group in Mitte of central Berlin in September 2020 and was approved for installation for one year.
  • Japan has previously protested the extension of the statue’s installation and repeatedly requested that the Mitte district remove the permit allowing the statue to stay.

Over a year after the installation of a comfort women statue in Mitte of central Berlin, Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asked German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to remove the statue.

“Comfort women” is a euphemism for the women from mostly Asian nations who were enslaved into brothels by the Japanese military during World War II. 

Statue of comfort girl in hanbok scheduled to reappear in Tokyo despite previous backlash

Comfort woman statu FI
  • The “After ‘freedom of expression?’” exhibition, which seeks to address Japan’s history of censorship, will restage the same comfort woman statue that was taken down from “Aichi Tirennale” in 2019 following threats the festival received for displaying it.
  • Comfort women, of whom there were hundreds of thousands – majority Korean — were subjected by the Japanese government to sex slavery for its soldiers during World War II.
  • The statue features a young, barefoot girl sitting in her hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, looking ahead with a calm and quiet gaze, not smiling.
  • Statues depicting these comfort women have been a heated point of controversy between Japan and South Korea.
  • When South Korea erected a comfort women statue outside the Japanese consulate in Busan in 2017, Japan recalled two of its ambassadors to South Korea in protest.

Despite protest and outrage, a previously removed statue commemorating World War II’s comfort women will be back up in April at a gallery in Tokyo.

An exhibition titled “After ‘Freedom of Expression?’,” which seeks to address Japan’s history of censorship, will restage the same comfort woman statue originally featured at the 2019 Aichi Tirennale festival.

Harvard Professor Sparks Outrage for Claiming Korean ‘Comfort Women’ Were Willingly Employed in Japan

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A Harvard Law School professor has stoked controversy over claims that Imperial Japan had employed “comfort women” under contracts during World War II.

J. Mark Ramseyer, who teaches Japanese legal studies, argued that those women — most of whom were Korean — were recruited and not taken by force to become sex slaves, contrary to previous reports on the subject.

K-Pop Idol Called a ‘Monster’ By Japanese Fans For Wearing Brand That Supports Comfort Women

Member of K-pop duo TVXQ, Yunho, is being criticized by Japanese social media users after being photographed sporting a cap from a Korean brand that openly supports Korean wartime sex slaves from the Japanese colonial period.

Yunho was spotted wearing a Marymond hat at the airport heading back to Seoul, Korea following his overseas schedule in Japan.

Korean ‘Comfort Woman’ Who Was Fo‌rc‌ed Into S‌‌e‌x S‌l‌a‌v‌er‌‌y at 14 Di‌e‌s at 92

Kim Bok-Dong, a vocal “comfort woman” who gained international fame for her hum‌an rig‌hts activism and for raising awareness on se‌x sl‌ave‌ry is‌s‌u‌es, has passed away at the age of 92.

The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance announced that Kim, who was born in Yangsan, Gyeongnam, South Korea in March 1926, d‌i‌e‌d in the hospital on January 28, Monday, while battling colorectal cancer.

Japanese Right-Winger Sparks Protest After Kicking ‘Comfort Woman’ Statue in Taiwan

A security camera footage of a Japanese right-winger kicking a memorial statue for “comfort women” in Taiwan outraged locals and ignited a protest on Monday.

Around 100 protesters consisting of members of the Tainan City Women’s Human Rights Equality Promotion Association and other activists assembled outside Japan’s de facto embassy in Taipei to demand an apology from Japan.

Scholars Release New Footage of Korean Sex Slaves Massacred By Japanese Soldiers During WW2

A team of scholars went public on Tuesday with a video depicting the mass murder of Korean sex slaves by Japanese soldiers during World War II.

The 19 second clip, taken on September 13, 1944, provides video evidence that the Japanese military shot and killed 30 Korean girls forced into sexual slavery as “comfort women” in the western Chinese city of Tengchong, near Myanmar.

China’s Biggest Tech Company Sparks Outrage After Making Memes of WWII Sex Slaves

A social media platform owned by Tencent, China’s largest social network and online entertainment firm, has drawn public outrage after creating memes based on World War II sex slaves.

The platform, Qzone, made stills from “Twenty Two,” a popular documentary film that featured 22 surviving Chinese “comfort women” who had been forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army during the Second World War.

Last ‘Comfort Woman’ in China Who Sued the Japanese Government Dies at Age 90

China’s last surviving “comfort woman” who sued the Japanese government for her sexual enslavement during the second world war has passed away on Saturday.

Without ever achieving justice for the crimes committed against her and thousands of other Chinese victims of the Imperial Japanese Army, Huang Youliang died in her home in the village of Yidui in Hainan, China, SCMP reports.  She was 90 years old.