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Taiwanese YouTuber and Politician Breaks 53 Chopsticks With His Butt After Losing Voting Bet


Taipei City councilor Chiu Wei-chieh kept his end of a bargain to break 53 chopsticks using his butt after losing a bet for the city’s mayoral recall.

Chiu, who is also a former YouTuber and the founder of the “Can’t Stop This Party” political group, announced on Facebook on Monday that he would keep his promise after losing the bet, according to Taiwan News.

Student Blasted on Twitter For Racist Instagram Caption, Culturally Insensitive Dress

A graduating high school student from Dallas is being called out on social media for cultural appropriation after wearing what was apparently supposed to be an Asian-themed dress and then posting images of the outfit on Instagram using a racial slur in her caption.  

Instagram user x.armoni sparked controversy after showcasing a sparkly long dress and chopstick-style hairdo in an image with the caption: “They asked for lingling so I gave it to them.”

Filipino Guitarist Plays Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Using Chopsticks

Bohemian Rhapsody

A Filipino guitarist from Calamba, a city in Laguna, is gaining fame online for his cover of Queen’s masterpiece “Bohemian Rhapsody” involving chopsticks and some video editing.

Ralph Jay Triumfo, a musician from the Philippines, posted a video on his YouTube channel over the weekend where he played “Bohemian Rhapsody” using a unique style of music composition. And eating utensils.

New York Times Draws Backlash Again for Having ZERO Clue About Asian Culture

Jade Sixty is a New York steakhouse that opened on Tuesday on the Upper East Side, but for a restaurant “inspired by Asia” someone sure forgot to read up on the do’s and don’ts of using chopsticks.

In a New York Times “Off The Menu” column, originally titled “New York Steakhouse Inspired by Asia Opens on Upper East Side,” Jade Sixty was described as serving “nine cuts of beef, surf & turf, whole chicken and seafood platters,” while also offering a menu inspired by Asia, including soup dumplings, chicken yakitori, spring rolls, and sushi specialties.

Journalist ‘Discovers’ Chopsticks For the First Time as If Asians Never Existed

You know what I love about White people? They’re always “discovering” shit. Like the time they discovered that “you can make Banh Mi without bread” (note — you can’t). Or when they discovered that “those blobs in your [bubble] tea are supposed to be there” (note — no shit).

Well folks, they’ve outdone themselves this time — the creme de la creme of “Columbusing” — as they’ve just now discovered helpful uses for those chopsticks sitting in your “junk drawer”.

This Woman Just Fixed One of the Most Annoying Things About Using Disposable Chopsticks

Earlier this month, an image surfaced online alleging that the thick part of those disposable chopsticks has been a detachable piece to rest your chopsticks on all along. The image went viral online and everyone’s minds were blown.

Unfortunately, the image was too good to be true. The chopsticks in the image were actually a prototype designed for an international contest held by Japanese company MUJI. So it has yet to be a reality, until now.