Taiwanese YouTuber and Politician Breaks 53 Chopsticks With His Butt After Losing Voting Bet

Taiwanese YouTuber and Politician Breaks 53 Chopsticks With His Butt After Losing Voting Bet
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
June 12, 2020
Taipei City councilor Chiu Wei-chieh kept his end of a bargain to break 53 chopsticks using his butt after losing a bet for the city’s mayoral recall.
Chiu, who is also a former YouTuber and the founder of the “Can’t Stop This Party” political group, announced on Facebook on Monday that he would keep his promise after losing the bet, according to Taiwan News.
A day after, he posted a not safe for work video on YouTube where he successfully broke 53 chopsticks using his butt cheeks.
He took inspiration from a Japanese TV show 20 years ago and reportedly suffered minor injuries while pulling the stunt.
In May, Chiu confidently claimed that no more than 400,000 people would vote to recall Han Kuo-yu from his position as Kaohsiung mayor. It would require 574,996 votes for the recall to be successful. Surprisingly, 939,090 residents of the city came out and voted in favor of the recall on June 6.
Unfortunately, Chiu’s promise was he would break one chopstick for every 10,000 votes that exceed his bet, which worked out to him breaking 53 chopsticks.
Han’s recall from office is the first in the history of Taiwan since it first held its democratic presidential election in 1996.
Han, who was elected as mayor of the city in November 2018, angered many citizens for his failure to keep his promises during his campaign and for running in the 2020 presidential election despite making prior vows that he would never do it, reported The Diplomat.
Han and his political party, the Kuomintang, advised the residents of the city not to vote and stay indoors. But despite the warning, 42.14% of the residents cast their votes for the recall.
After seeing the results, Han said on Tuesday he will respect the result of the voting and will remove himself from the position, Focus Taiwan reported.
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