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Family Sues School District, Class Bullies After Student Left Hospitalized in Palos Verdes

The family of an eighth grader, who was attacked by bullies three times, is now suing the assailants as well as the Palos Verdes Intermediate School.

According to KTLA, Leo Lin and his family are now filing a lawsuit against the school district and his attackers over three assaults, two of which occurred in spring while the last one occurred last week and left him hospitalized.

Wisconsin City to Fine Parents Up to $681 if Their Kids Repeatedly Bully Others

Parents in a Wisconsin city will now be punished with fines of up to $681 if their children are caught repeatedly bullying others.

According to a new ordinance passed two weeks ago in Shawano, Wisconsin, parents will first receive a warning if their child has exhibited any kind of verbal, physical or cyber bullying. If the behavior is not corrected within 90 days after the warning, parents can be fined $366. If a second offense is filed within a year, the fine increases to $681.

Bullies Are Sexier and More Popular Than You, New Study Finds

That bully from high school that you’ve never forgiven and the jerk you share an office with at work could very well be higher up on the social ladder than you, according to newly published research.

The study, conducted by researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and published in Journal of Interpersonal Violence earlier this month, found that bullying was an inherited trait that helps build social rank and sex appeal.