Man Caught on Camera Bullying Elderly Asian Man, Attacks Witness Trying to Stop Him

Man Caught on Camera Bullying Elderly Asian Man, Attacks Witness Trying to Stop HimMan Caught on Camera Bullying Elderly Asian Man, Attacks Witness Trying to Stop Him
An elderly Asian man was recently on the receiving end of an unprovoked racist tirade from a white male in the province of Ontario, Canada.
The incident, which is now under the investigation of York Regional Police hate crimes unit, was fortunately captured on a dash cam video in the city of Markham in the greater Toronto area.
According to the local authorities, the victim was taking a morning stroll on Old Kennedy Road north of Steeles Avenue on June 11 when he was approached by a man from behind who suddenly started spewing several hateful comments.
In the clip, the senior was shown walking with an apparent limp when the man overtakes him and blocks his path.
“How you doing monkey? Are you a monkey for white people? Aren’t you tired of walking around?” the man can be heard telling the elderly Asian.
After his hate-fueled rant, the man then turned his attention to Tony Cho, the driver inside the car with the dash cam who later uploaded the footage on YouTube.
“Get your dirty f—ing rice-eating ass out of here. Go eat some rice,” the man shouted. “You f—ing monkey. You’re being nosey today.”
Cho wrote in the description of the video that he works as a driving instructor and he had just dropped off a student when he chanced upon the incident.
“My car is waiting in the driveway which is kind of hidden. I guess he didn’t see me at the beginning,” he wrote.
“Then he noticed me watching him so he starts walking towards me and keeps yelling. I was so angry and wanted to get out of the car and see what he got. But I did not do that because he might have a weapon and it could cause a much bigger problem.”
At the end of the clip, the driver can be heard responding with a swear word as he drove away.
Cho revealed in an interview with Global News that he initially thought the suspect was going to offer the elderly man assistance.
“I thought the white guy was going to say, ‘Can I help you? Do you need help?’, something like that, but he swore to the old guy with very criminal language. Racist language and bullying the old guy.”
Cho expressed that he was shocked to hear what the suspect was saying to the old man.
“Very racial, very negative, criminative language, as you can see on YouTube,” he said.
“My mind was thinking a lot of things at the time in those few seconds. I was looking at the old guy. He walked away and seemed to be okay. The white male did not do any further attacks, like physical attacks.”
Cho later reported the incident to police.
“This guy is absolutely a loser. And he’s very sneaky. In this scene, he’s picking on an old man. A sick, poor, old man and I believe he was thinking it was just him and the old man,” he explained.
“He didn’t notice the third party, me, was there. That’s why he started this bullying, I believe.”
Police are now on the lookout for the suspect who was described as a Caucasian man between 20 to 35 years of age, around 5’7″ to 5’9″ tall, with a medium body build and a slim face.
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