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Japan Has a Word for When a Strap Sits Between Boobs, and Now There’s a Cafe for It

boob slash cafe japan

Did you know that the Japanese language has a word for almost everything you could ever think of, including when a bag/purse strap or even seat belt gets pushed between a woman’s breasts?

In Japan this is called paisura – or “boob slash.” According to SoraNews24, this is a mashup of two words from the Japanese language: oppai (woman’s breasts) and surasshu (slash).

Japanese Woman Allows Strangers to Fondle Her Breasts ‘For World Peace’

In a uniquely valiant effort to promote world peace, a popular Japanese YouTuber recently offered her breasts to strangers for some free squeezes.

Holding up a sign that said “Free Oppai” (“Free Breasts”), young online celebrity Pepsi Lu recently allowed passersby near the busy Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan to squeeze her breasts. She was with a small group consisting of three men and a woman to ensure everything was in order during the brief spectacle.

Japanese ‘Fetish Photographer’ Combines Cats and Boobs in One Photobook

Cats and boobs are undeniably two of internet’s most favorite things. It’s apparently such a no-brainer that some hero came along and combined the two to make the world a better place.

Japanese “fetish photographer” Yuki Aoyama took it upon himself to do just that with his new book titled “Painyan”, which aims to offer a “therapeutic experience” for users.