Japanese ‘Fetish Photographer’ Combines Cats and Boobs in One Photobook

Japanese ‘Fetish Photographer’ Combines Cats and Boobs in One Photobook
Ryan General
June 12, 2017
Cats and boobs are undeniably two of internet’s most favorite things.
Japanese “fetish photographer” Yuki Aoyama took it upon himself to do just that with his new book titled “Painyan”, which aims to offer a “therapeutic experience” for users.
The photobook, named after a combination of the Japanese words oppai (breasts) and nyan (cat’s meow), features 96 pages of a variety of felines posing alongside different models’ pairs of mammaries.
According to Daily Mail, “Painyan” was released in Japan on May 31 with a price tag of around $13. It is not revealed, however, whether the book will be available in the U.S.
Fans of beautiful women and lovers of cute kitties will be treated to pages upon pages of cats either resting on or playing with cleavage.
The adorable cats’ priceless expressions alone make for entertaining viewing.
Aoyama has previously released ‘Schoolgirl Complex‘, a collection of faceless photos of uniformed girls showing isolated body parts such as the zettai ryouiki (“absolute territory”) of the upper thighs. purportedly shot from the perspective of a teenaged boy.
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