Japanese ‘Breast Researcher’ Shares The 6 Types of Boobs and Their Advantages

Japanese ‘Breast Researcher’ Shares The 6 Types of Boobs and Their Advantages
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
July 14, 2017
A Japanese Twitter user who mastered the art and science of drawing breasts has shared his “findings” online, raking thousands of retweets and prompting discussion in the community.
The netizen, who goes by the handle @tybys50_50, drew six different types of breasts and explained the advantages of each.
The first set included three larger breasts, while the follow-up featured smaller breasts, which he/she called his/her “favorite.”
SoraNews24 translated the user’s tweets:
“My breast research. I drew them all around F-cup size. My conclusion: just draw the breasts that you like!”
Translation (left to right):
1. Breasts drawn with gravure pictures as reference. Just draw a line for one side, and have the other side droop a bit. Even though they look realistic, they might not be enough for some people. Depending on how they’re painted though, they might be the most erotic of all types?
2. Breasts drawn with erotic pictures as reference. They’re big, soft-looking, and heavy-looking. Don’t worry about bikinis or pads, just try to show their natural texture. The cleavage should go almost up to the collarbone.
3. Breasts full of dreams. They’re round! Big! Draw them with those feelings in mind. They’re perky and have a good spring to them. Not very realistic, but lots of people like them.
Translation (left to right):
1. THE flat chest. Show the slight, loose bulges with no lines, just a little shadow. If you get too greedy and draw lines, then they’ll end up looking like pecs.
2. Somewhat flat-chested. Since there’s not much cleavage, don’t really draw a line, just use shadows to give a sense of roundness. They’re perky and give a sense of youth.
3. Greedy breasts. When your desire to draw a flat chest and big-breast cleavage crash together. If you’re going to give them that much roundness, push them together to give solid cleavage.
@tybys50_50’s tweet has received about 22,000 retweets and 40,000 likes so far. Apparently, Japanese netizens love it:
“Everything is real!”
“Conclusion: I like everything.”
“Your breasts are wonderful.”
“This is a great learning experience. Thank you!”
Well, it seems @tybys50_50 exceeded expectations! We hope he/she receives some funding grant from the Academy of Breast Illustrators to further his work — in the name of research, of course.
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