K-Pop Star Amber Liu Rips Apart Trolls Criticizing Her ‘Flat Chest’

K-Pop Star Amber Liu Rips Apart Trolls Criticizing Her ‘Flat Chest’K-Pop Star Amber Liu Rips Apart Trolls Criticizing Her ‘Flat Chest’
Heather Johnson Yu
December 14, 2017
“Oh my gad AMBER where ur chest?”
“Wai amber’s chest so flat?”
“…….amber dont have boobs?”
Comments like these are nothing new for Amber Liu, the main rapper of popular K-pop group f(x). Her androgynous, tomboyish looks have attracted many comments from haters, heckling her for many facets of her appearance, such as her tattoos and flat chest. Liu decided to address her haters in a lighthearted yet poignant manner through a funny YouTube video.
“I’ve been going through thousands and thousands of these comments. It’s been very hard to read,” Liu told BBC News about the inspiration behind the video. “I think us humans are just so cruel to each other. We just want to keep judging each other on our looks.”
Although K-pop stars are certainly not strangers to being judged based on their appearance, Liu’s experiences are far different than that of her colleagues. While many K-pop girl groups feature young women with petite, slender bodies with long hair and feminine features, Liu rocks short hair, tattoos, and an overall boyish look. It’s this look that gets criticized often, with netizens chastising Liu for daring to go against the grain.
“I think that’s what a lot of people misunderstand is that me being a tomboy or being androgynous is not a concept. That’s me.”
It’s these comments that prompted Liu to make a video addressing them, albeit comically. She begins by reading one of many, “Oh my gad AMBER where ur chest,” to which Amber responds “Good question. I think I should start looking for that.” And so, with the help of a friend, she searches high and low for her missing chest.
via YouTube / Amber Liu
Throughout the video, she reads hateful comments aloud, responding to them sarcastically with the help of her friend (who is still desperately searching for her chest).
“I was just like ‘Yeah, I need to say something about it’,” she explained.
via YouTube / Amber Liu
Despite the humorous tone of the video, Liu confessed that her journey to her true self hasn’t always been easy. “I was trying to conform with what society wanted me to do, and as I was doing that, I just felt more uncomfortable,” she said. “I felt more hopeless.”
Eventually, Liu decided that conforming to societal norms wasn’t for her. “It’s tiring. You’re chasing somebody’s approval.”
Netizens largely agreed with her philosophy and her video, as it has amassed over two million views since its release on October 7. “A lot of the comments are saying ‘Oh, I’m flat-chested too’,” Liu said of its popularity. She’s happy to have struck a chord with viewers. “It’s always great to know that I’m not the only person out there and that people are dealing with that too. It’s like ‘Hey, I’m not alone’.”
via YouTube / Amber Liu
She hopes that the video has left a positive message for viewers. “If I can do anything to make someone not feel alone, I’m going to do it.”
Featured Image via FaceBook / Amber J. Liu
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