Japan Has a Word for When a Strap Sits Between Boobs, and Now There’s a Cafe for It

Japan Has a Word for When a Strap Sits Between Boobs, and Now There’s a Cafe for It
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
February 7, 2018
Did you know that the Japanese language has a word for almost everything you could ever think of, including when a bag/purse strap or even seat belt gets pushed between a woman’s breasts?
In Japan this is called paisura – or “boob slash.” According to SoraNews24, this is a mashup of two words from the Japanese language: oppai (woman’s breasts) and surasshu (slash).
What it means, basically, is some sort of effect that accentuates a woman’s breasts whenever the strap of her purse, bag or even seat belt gets pushed between her ample bosom.
It leaves some sort of diagonal line on her chest resembling a slash mark, thus the word surasshu. There is a term for this in the English language that is somewhat similar in description, and it is called “The Seat Belt Effect.”
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Interestingly enough, a cafe dedicated for this kind of attraction – or fetish, if you will – is scheduled to open its doors on March 25. The pop-up project, as said in the report, is being organized by Muchi Cafe.
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There will be four seats in the cafe with a time limit serving of 90 minutes for each seating. Five models are expected to be present during the duration of the project, which are all dressed in attire that produces paisura.
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Unfortunately, Muchi Cafe, which once launched a project targeted to fans of skimpily dressed plus-sized ladies, have yet to reveal any specific details regarding its menu and the location. The organizer, however, promised that the Paisura Cafe will be located near Shinjuku.
A somewhat similar themed restaurant opened up in Tokyo last year, but instead of featuring ample bosoms, the cafe focused more on women’s thighs that featured the works of renowned Japanese photographer, Yuria.
Featured image via Twitter / @muchicafe (Left, Right)
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