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Chinese Widow Has Cared for Severely Disabled Neighbor for Over 30 Years

Wu Yuxia, a 60-year-old widow from Dangui, Sichuan province, China has provided round-the-clock care for her severely disabled neighbor, Liu Siqiang, for more than three decades now.

The 56-year-old bedridden Liu, who lost his mother while he was only six and his father at 10, was struck by a debilitating disease that left him blind and deaf back when he was still in his teens, according to via South China Morning Post.

Blind Asian Man Kicked Out of Subway Because Of His Guide Dog

A Subway sandwich outlet in New York has issued an apology after it received criticism for reportedly turning away a blind customer just because he brought his guide dog.

The customer, a local musician named Milton Kuna, told NBC NY that he was with his seeing-eye dog Nash when he visited the sandwich restaurant’s shop on North Main Street in New City, New York on Monday night. He claimed that he was turned away by the store’s staff who told him that dogs of any kind weren’t allowed.

Blind Japanese Boy Writes to Nintendo For More Games, Gets a Heartwarming Response

It’s hard for a blind 5-year-old Japanese boy, Hibiki Sakai, to play video games because of his condition. However, he finds joy in playing a specific Nintendo game and thanked the giant game company for it.

A Twitter user under the username of “kentarock1020” recently posted a heartwarming photo of a letter his son, Hibiki, sent Nintendo. In the letter, the 5-year-old boy said: