Nearly Blind Man Wins National Stand-Up Comedy Championship in Japan

Nearly Blind Man Wins National Stand-Up Comedy Championship in JapanNearly Blind Man Wins National Stand-Up Comedy Championship in Japan
Carl Samson
March 7, 2018
A nearly-blind man won a national competition for stand-up comedy in Japan.
Yutaro Hamada, 28, took home 5 million yen ($47,000) after winning the final round of the 16th R-1 Grand Prix in Tokyo on Tuesday.
Image via Twitter/@K0Jvu
According to The Mainichi, a record 3,795 people participated in the latest tournament, all vying to be recognized as the country’s funniest solo comedian. Both amateur and professional acts are welcome.

思う。(´・ェ・`)#R1ぐらんぷり #濱田祐太郎

— ゆうか (@y_4696) March 6, 2018

Hamada, who hails from Kobe and is a professional comedian belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., was born blind on his left eye, while he only registers light on the right.
He was inspired to pursue a career in comedy after hearing a manzai performance on TV of a duo called Bikkizu and cried from laughing.



素敵すぎる。#R1ぐらんぷり #濱田祐太郎

— あのさんまさんが泣いた動画 (@SANMASANGANAITA) March 7, 2018

After graduating from a special needs school, he worked part-time and saved enough money to attend New Star Creation (NSC), a training school established by Yoshimoto Kogyo.
Hamada has won laughs by pulling fun from his daily life as a visually-impaired person, among other matters.
Friends celebrate Hamada’s victory. Image via Twitter/@naoko0430
While he is not too concerned about his visual impairment, Hamada thinks his audience cannot concentrate if they are conscious about it.
The World Blind Union – Asia Pacific quoted him as saying:
“I want to overcome this barrier. It’s my dream, on a big stage, to make the audience burst into laughter, with having them forget that I’m visually impaired. That would feel awesome.”
A poster of Hamada after winning the R-1 Grand Prix. Image via Twitter/@hata_norichika
He cracked an audience in another competition last year:
“If you can’t make up your mind whether to laugh, please just laugh!”
Watch the highlights of the final round:
Featured Images via Twitter/@kamiumach (Left), @HELPUSH_STORY (Right)
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