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‘The opposite of cancel culture’: Final Bow for Yellowface helps update a Christmas tradition

Final Bow for Yellowface

Seemingly part of every dancer’s upbringing and end-of-year routine, “The Nutcracker” is a ballet interpreted annually by local schools and esteemed companies across the globe. With its melting pot of a second act, there is perhaps no more iconic American Christmas tradition. Audiences are taken to a land of sweets where they are greeted by fantastical creatures, both imagined and “real” — from dancing flowers and a towering Mother Ginger to Chinese tea and Arabian coffee treats.

Ballet as an art form has existed for centuries and is frequently criticized in present-day for its outdated orientalist themes, including “Nutcracker”’s depiction of Asians and other exoticized ethnic groups. Final Bow for Yellowface is an organization of ballet lovers in its fifth year of consulting with major companies and artists to replace a historical reliance on racial stereotypes with multiculturalism, reminding us that every production is an active choice to either preserve or evolve a beloved holiday tradition.

Korean ballerina is the first Asian to reach ‘star dancer’ rank at Paris Opera Ballet in its 352 years

Park Sae-eun first asian top Paris Opera Ballet

Park Sae-eun is the first Asian ballerina to reach the highest rank at the Paris Opera Ballet in its 352-year history.

Danseuse étoile: On June 10, South Korean ballerina Park Sae-eun made history not only for herself but also for the Paris Opera Ballet when she became the first Asian woman to achieve the “danseuse étoile,” title — or “star dancer” — the highest rank of the prestigious ballet.

Asian and Black Ballerinas Can Now Buy Shoes to Match Their Skin Tone


Ballerina shoes have traditionally been more of a pink or cream color, but a collaboration in the UK has developed shoes for non-white ballet dancers. 

A dance company for Ethnic Minorities called Ballet Black and well-known manufacturer of dance shoes Freed of London have worked together to create shoes with colors that include “Ballet Bronze” and “Ballet Brown.”

Cambodian Men Are Reviving an Ancient Dance Originally For Women — With A Twist

A living room in Phnom Penh witnessed the rebirth of Khmer classical dance, and it all started with a group of young men putting a contemporary twist into the art.

Prumsodun Ok, a Cambodian-American choreographer, is behind this attempt to resurrect the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, an ancient dance with roots dating back from the Angkor period, as noted by Japanese scholar Hideo Sasagawa.

Bodybuilder Dad Rocks Tutu to Make Daughter Happy During Ballet Parent Night

Parents will do anything to make their child happy, but Thanh Tran from Tennessee went the extra mile for his 8-year-old daughter, Adriana Cross. He sported a black, poofy ballerina tutu and danced to music with his daughter beside him.

Students at Adriana’s ballet class were asked to bring one of their parents to join in as part of parent night. Since Adrianna’s realtor mother, Rebecca Tran, was already seven months into her pregnancy, her totally ripped bodybuilder coach father had to take one for the team.