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Redditor alleges her 6 y/o was forced to eat alone for ‘distracting’ peers with ‘smelly’ Asian food

  • A Reddit user posted to the subreddit r/AmItheAssh*le on Monday, where she alleged that her daughter was ostracized by her homeroom teacher during lunch for her “foreign” food.
  • The homeroom teacher purportedly forced the Reddit user’s 6-year-old daughter to sit alone in a room during lunch for eating food such as persimmons.
  • After her daughter told her that the incident occurred multiple times each week, the Reddit user purportedly reported the teacher to the principal.
  • The user, who is Chinese, also stated that her husband did not believe their daughter and argued that teachers would have said something if their daughter’s story were true.
  • The post received over 14,000 upvotes and 971 comments where Reddit users reassured the mother that she is “not the assh*le” and did the right thing by reporting the teacher for “racism” and “abuse.”

A Chinese Reddit user shared a post to the subreddit r/AmItheAssh*le on Monday, where she alleged that her 6-year-old daughter was forced to eat in a separate room alone for bringing “foreign” and “smelly” food.

The user, u/sndyu, explained that her 6-year-old daughter is in second grade and had returned to school a few months ago after doing remote learning. Her daughter began “asking for pizza more” and did not want her usual packed lunches. When the user asked why she did not want to eat her “favorite foods” anymore, her daughter said that she wanted to sit with her classmates at lunch. The daughter then revealed that the teacher purportedly forced her to sit in another room alone as her “smelly foods” were “distracting” to the other students.

‘It’s my favorite thing ever’: American woman ‘giddy’ after discovering 50-pound rice bags at Asian stores

  • Adrien, a 26-year-old woman from Minneapolis, recently went viral for sharing her love and excitement for rice in a video she uploaded to Snapchat.
  • “My entire life, my favorite food has just been like white rice,” she said. “I love it. I can’t get enough of it. It’s my favorite thing ever.”
  • In the video she shows off her rice dispenser and her first purchase of a 50-pound sack of rice from an Asian grocery store.
  • “My entire adult life I’ve just been buying one pound of rice once or twice a week until today,” she shared. “I’m so giddy about how much rice I have!”

A woman recently went viral for sharing her lifelong love of rice and excitement after buying her first 50-pound sack of it. 

“My entire life my favorite food has just been like white rice,” rice-fanatic Adrien said in a video that has gone viral since she first uploaded it to her TikTok account on Dec. 29. “I love it. I can’t get enough of it. It’s my favorite thing ever.”

The top 7 Asian-inspired food trends of 2021

2021 Asian Food Trends
  • 2021 saw an array of Asian-inspired food trends across social media, shared and promoted by Asian and Asian American creators.
  • One of the most viral dishes, Emily Mariko’s #SalmonRice, has more than 212 million views across several videos on TikTok.
  • Five of the most popular trends drew inspiration from Vietnam, Japan, Korea and India.

This year, Asian and Asian American recipes reached viral heights on social media, especially TikTok. We’ve rounded up seven of the most popular Asian-inspired food trends from 2021. 

Korean corn dogs 

There’s always a line for something in Manhattan’s Koreatown, and this year it was for Korean corn dogs. But it wasn’t just in New York City – Korean corn dogs went viral all over the country this year. Although this street food has existed in Korea since at least the 1980s, Bon Appétit named 2021 the “Year of the Korean Corn Dog.” 

James Corden Plans Change for ‘Spill Your Guts’ Segment After Criticism Over Mocking Asian Food

James Corden has addressed the criticism of his segment from the “Late Late Show,” as a video claiming the show’s portrayal of Asian foods was offensive went viral and led to an online petition signed by thousands and a protest outside of his studio.

He discussed the controversy in an episode of SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” from June 16. A petition calling for the segment’s removal claimed that the show’s portrayal of Asian foods as ”disgusting” and “horrifying” was “encouraging anti-Asian racism,” NextShark previously reported.

21 Reasons Why H Mart Blows All Other Grocery Stores Out of the Water

H Mart is easily the cornerstone of Asian American living. From fresh seafood, vegetables, and produce to nostalgic childhood Asian snacks and already-prepared banchan and stews. A world without H Mart is a world I don’t want to live in.

While so much of the older generation complain that millennials don’t learn to cook for themselves, with all of these already prepared side dishes, soups and desserts, H Mart has pretty much eliminated the need the learn how to cook.

8 Reasons Why Asians Love Bitter Melon

bitter melon

If an Asian parent tells a child to eat his or her vegetables, expect them to get eaten, appreciated and grown accustomed to. Yes, even if it tastes as unappealing as the bitter melon.

A vegetable in its culinary classification, bitter melon is a common ingredient in many Asian cuisines. In China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, among others, bitter melon is embraced not because of its unique taste but mostly due to its health benefits. 

A Bully Made Fun of His Asian Lunches in School Until a Teacher Stepped In to Fix Things

asian food

Among the many experiences that connects all Asian kids who grew up in the West is the shame or embarrassment other children made you feel when you brought home-cooked Asian food to school for lunch. For Anthony Kang, his story of getting bullied was met with a touching moment as a Korean kid growing up in Canada.

In his recent post on the Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits,” Kang highlighted how a teacher’s action helped enlighten his elementary classmate who then exhibited prejudice toward him and the food he ate during lunch.

How Many Calories Are Actually in Your Favorite Asian Foods?

asian food

There are a few clichés you’re guaranteed to come across at the start of every new year: shameless “new year, new me” posts, long lists of resolutions that will be abandoned by February and thousands of people aiming to shed a few pounds.

If you’re one of these people aiming to cut down on unhealthy eating habits this year, you may be wondering exactly how many calories are in your favorite Asian foods. After all, it’s not like restaurants put calorie labels on their menus.