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Bay Area gym posts ad saying they speak English, aren’t rude like ‘shady’ Asian massage parlors

Alameda racist gym
  • Island Personal Training, a gym and massage parlor located in Alameda, California, received backlash for their racist advertisement against Asian massage parlors.
  • The owner of the gym, Jason Wilson, refused to comment and shut his gym doors to ABC7 news reporter Dion Lim.
  • “This kind of racist rhetoric and commentary adds to the persistent stereotypes that are not only offensive but really put our communities in danger,” Cynthia Choi, one of the founders of STOPAAPIHate, stated.

The Island Personal Training gym in Alameda, California, has received backlash over its racist advertisement against Asian massage parlors on its company website.

“We are California state-certified, speak English (kind of rare for the field ‘round these parts) and communicate clearly with our clients to ensure each massage is targeted to the client,” the advertisement read. “We never cut our sessions short, answer phones, or walk out when someone walks in the front door mid-session like all these shady Asian ‘massage parlors’ do.”

Samsung pulls ad featuring Muslim mother showing support to her drag queen son after Singapore backlash

Samsung Muslim Drag Queen Ad Pulled
  • The ad was part of the South Korean electronics company’s “Listen to Your Heart” campaign to promote its Galaxy Buds2 and Watch4.
  • Some social media users criticized Samsung for featuring the Muslim woman and her drag queen son, while others expressed support for the LGBTQ plus community.
  • In a Facebook post, Samsung wrote that it is aware of the online backlash: “We acknowledge that we have fallen short in this instance, and have since removed the content from all public platforms.”

A Samsung ad for its wearable products that featured a drag queen and his Muslim mother has been removed after it was found to be “insensitive and offensive to some members of our local community” in Singapore.

The ad was part of the South Korean electronics company’s “Listen to Your Heart” campaign to promote its Galaxy Buds2 and Watch4. 

‘Asian face’: Gucci draws flak in China for model’s ‘small eyes,’ makeup

Gucci has become the latest company to come under fire in China for having a model that allegedly perpetuates “Western stereotypes” about Chinese people.

Driving the news: In ads for its new series of bamboo top handle bags, Gucci allegedly featured a female model with “slanted eyes,” a nose ring and a leather whip in her hand. Critics reportedly found the ads offensive, arguing that they serve the Western idea of how Chinese people look.

ARMYs sing along to BTS’ V in Dubai as world’s tallest building lights up to honor his 26th birthday

V on Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai displayed BTS’ V on the side of the building for the second consecutive year in a grand birthday gesture from his Chinese fan club.

V’s 26th Birthday: The K-pop idol’s Chinese fan club Baidu Vbar organized a three-minute birthday ad on the world’s tallest building to celebrate his 26th birthday on Dec. 30.

Mercedes-Benz latest to spark outrage in China for featuring model with ‘slanted eyes’

Mercedes-Benz Advertisement

Mercedes Benz has become the latest company to face backlash in China for allegedly perpetuating Western stereotypes about Chinese people in a recent advertisement.

Driving the news: The critical response reportedly blew up on Monday after the German carmaker posted a video that featured a model with “slanted eyes.” The ad was particularly criticized for the makeup it had used on the model, which critics found to be “ugly” and “offensive.”

Seoul Milk apologizes for ad that portrays women as cows and has a voyeur trying to secretly film them

Seoul Milk Controversial Ad

Seoul Dairy Cooperative, Korea’s leading milk producer, apologized on Wednesday for its controversial ad that many social media users deemed inappropriate due to “sensual and perverted” imagery.

The video and reaction: The advertisement, released on Nov. 29, drew outrage in South Korea for its comparison of women to dairy cows and incorporating a voyeur with a camera. Meanwhile, the country continues to tackle “molka” crimes, which involve the use of cameras to surreptitiously and illegally film women in various states of undress, according to Korea Times.

The Weeknd Calls Out H&M’s Racist Hoodie, Gets Called Out on His Lyrics About Asian Women

On Tuesday, H&M made headlines for the controversy surrounding a marketing image of a hoodie, worn by a Black boy, featuring the text “coolest monkey in the jungle”.

The word “monkey” can sometimes be used as a racial slur used to dehumanize Black people, reducing them to sub-human creatures; in fact, it was this very argument that many White slave owners used to justify the cruel practice, claiming that Black people were no different than our primate cousins. The hoodie, paired with the young Black model, is therefore racially insensitive and completely inappropriate — H&M really should have known better.