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Korea’s ‘My Fellow Citizens!’ gets American remake titled ‘The Company You Keep’ starring Milo Ventimiglia

  • Milo Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim are set to star in “The Company You Keep,” an American adaptation of the 2019 Korean spy drama “My Fellow Citizens!”
  • The original KBS drama starred Choi Si-won of the K-pop group Super Junior, along with Lee Yoo-young (Dr. Brain) and Kim Minjung (Mr. Sunshine).
  • Ventimiglia will take on the role of Charlie, a con-man who unknowingly endangers his line of work after a night of passion turns to romance with undercover CIA officer Emma (Kim).

The 2019 Korean spy drama “My Fellow Citizens!” is getting an American adaptation titled “The Company You Keep,” starring Milo Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim.

ABC had originally ordered “The Company You Keep” to pilot before picking it up for a full season, reported Variety. It’s now slated to release midseason on ABC in 2023. 

ABC issues apology for mistaking NYC Asian American activist for Michelle Go

ABC mistakes activist
  • ABC News misidentified New York City community activist Grace Lee as the late Michelle Go in a primetime program.
  • Grace spoke to ABC News during a segment on the vigil for Christina Yuna Lee, who was fatally stabbed barely a month after Go was killed.
  • After catching the error on TV, Grace took to Twitter to call out ABC News, saying their mistake “further invisibilizes Asian women.”
  • On Tuesday, the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), a nonprofit organization, announced that ABC News had apologized for their mistake.

ABC News has reportedly apologized for misidentifying a community activist in New York City as Michelle Go, the 40-year-old woman who was shoved into the path of an oncoming subway train.

The error appeared during a segment on the recent vigil for Christina Yuna Lee, which aired on “News Live Prime” with Linsey Davis on Feb. 14. Christina, 35, was fatally stabbed in her Chinatown apartment the day before.

ABC’s President Hasn’t Talked to Constance Wu Since Her Meltdown, But She’s ‘Happy’ She Apologized

ABC’s entertainment president Karey Burke has yet to talk to Constance Wu since her controversial series of tweets in May expressing apparent unhappiness that “Fresh Off The Boat” is getting renewed for another season

Wu, who stars in the hit show as matriarch Jessica Huang, tweeted that she was “so upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. Fuck,” along with several other cryptic tweets.

ABC Thinks K-Pop Group BLACKPINK is ‘Singing In Japanese’ and I’m Screaming


South Korean girl group BLACKPINK performed on ABC’s Good Morning America, and the video, which has amassed half a million views on YouTube in a day, features an embarrassing error on the part of the closed captioning department.

It’s not uncommon for English subtitles to feature language identifiers without translating the language spoken. But throughout BLACKPINK’s performance of their song “Ddu-du Ddu-du” the video’s closed captioning continuously displays text reading “[SINGING IN JAPANESE]” even though the group is very obviously from South Korea.

‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Just Got Renewed For Season 5 and We Can’t Contain Ourselves

In early April, Randall Park released a Facebook video making a desperate plea to fans to save “Fresh Off The Boat” from being cancelled by ABC. Park, who plays Louis Huang, the father of Eddie Huang on the show, included a survey conducted by USA Today, which listed 30 TV shows, including “Fresh Off the Boat,” that were in danger of being cancelled.

Although the show was a big hit when it was released in 2015, ratings have significantly dropped recently, losing roughly 13% of it’s audience from the 18 – 49 demographic in the latest season.