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‘I’ve honestly never felt more free’: new video shares how Black Americans feel living in Japan

Black Americans in Japan

“Living while Black in Japan” is a short documentary made by filmmaking couple Keith Bedford and Shiho Fukada about what it’s like for Black Americans living in Japan. 

About the film: The documentary, uploaded to NPR’s YouTube channel, features three women and three men from the Black American community in Japan who shared their views on sensitive topics such as police and racism in the U.S.

Suspected Yakuza member attacks ‘Battle Royale’ star Beat Takeshi with a pickaxe after begging for a start in showbiz

Beat Takeshi attacked by fan with a pickaxe

Veteran Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano, also known as Beat Takeshi, was recently attacked inside of his car by a disgruntled fan with a pickaxe.

What happened: Kitano, 74, was leaving the Tokyo premises of the TBS television network with his driver when a fan suddenly attacked his vehicle several times on Saturday night, according to the Associated Press. The suspect, whose identity was not revealed, was subsequently arrested at the scene.

Scottish Fold superstar Motimaru breaks world record for most views for a cat on YouTube with nearly 620 million views

Motimaru scottish fold cat Guinness World Record YouTube

Motimaru, a Scottish Fold male cat from Japan, is now a Guinness World Record holder for “Most views for a cat on YouTube” after reaching more than half a billion total views on his channel “motimaru’s diary.”

Establishing a record: Motimaru, or known by his millions of viewers as “Moti-sama,” was certified on Aug. 12 when the superstar cat’s channel hit a total of 619,586,260 views, according to Guinness World Records. Since then, the channel’s total views have already grown to 687,878,088.

Japanese court sentences yakuza boss to death for the first time in history

Yakuza boss, Kudo-kai head Satoru Nomura

A court in Japan issued a historic ruling by sentencing a Yakuza boss to death on Aug. 24 for his alleged involvement in four assaults, which killed one of the victims.

The case: The public hearing linked Kudo-kai head Satoru Nomura, 74, and his second-in-command Fumio Tanoue, 65, to the civilian attacks purportedly carried out by Kudo-kai members, reported Mainichi

Legendary martial artist Sonny Chiba passes away at 82 due to COVID complications

Japanese actor and legendary martial artist Shin’ichi “Sonny” Chiba, who inspired countless film icons including director Quentin Tarantino, passed away at the age of 82. 

What happened: On Thursday, Chiba’s management company announced that Chiba, an action superstar popularly known for his role in “Kill Bill,” had passed away due to complications with COVID-19, according to NPR.

Emperor Naruhito conveys ‘deep remorse’ for Japan’s actions in 76th anniversary of WWII surrender, still no apology

Emperor Naruhito giving a speech

Japanese Emperor Naruhito expressed “deep remorse” for Japan’s atrocities in World War II on Sunday, which marked the 76th anniversary of the country’s surrender to Allied forces.

A prevailing message: Naruhito, whose role as emperor is mostly ceremonial, is a grandson of Emperor Hirohito, the man who led Japan during the war. He delivered his message — which was largely similar from last year’s — in an annual memorial ceremony in Tokyo.

Japanese Olympian’s ‘germ medal’ to be replaced after Nagoya mayor bites it

Nagoya mayor Takashi Kawamura biting gold medal

Olympics officials have replaced the gold medal won by softball team member Miu Goto at the 2020 Tokyo Games after Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura bit the first one at an event last week.

The controversial bite: Goto, 20, paid a courtesy visit to Nagoya’s city hall on Aug. 4 to report the victory of Japan’s softball team against Team USA 2-0, according to Kyodo News.