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10 Ways to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life

“What do I do with my life!?” We’ve all asked this question to ourselves at some point. Some are able to figure it out and achieve great things, while others are left confused and agitated because they haven’t discovered their true calling. If you’re one of those people, here are a couple words of advice […]


Why Holding a Hot Cup of Coffee Can Make You a Bad Negotiator

How often do you drink coffee during important business meetings? New research suggests that holding hot coffee may be a bad idea if you’re trying to win a negotiation. In a 2008 study by Lawrence Williams of the University of Colorado and John A. Bargh of Yale, researchers asked participants to come up to the lab with […]

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This is How Money Can Buy Happiness

Everyone has heard of the saying “money can’t buy happiness.” Happify recently came out with a new infographic challenging this notion. You can in fact, buy happiness, but the level of it is dependent on how you spend it. Check out the infographic below. The general idea is basically that you get happier over time […]


Top 50 World’s Most Amazing Restaurants With Breathtaking Views

Even the most amazing food in the world wouldn’t have quite the same clout if you were forced to eat it while staring at a brick wall.  A restaurant with a view can take a dining experience from mediocre to magnificent: giving it that lift that makes it a life-long memorable meal. Whether you’re looking […]


7 Travel Hacks for Travelers on a Budget

Traveling can seem distant and unattainable to those of us without a high disposable income. Once upon a time, I believed that traveling was a privilege exclusively reserved for the wealthy. After meeting many inspiring travelers who have found a way to live their dreams, I am happy to announce that this is not true. […]


Feast Your Eyes on This Gorgeous LA Smart Home You Can Rent For $2,995 Per Night

I now know where I’m living when I’m a multi-millionaire. Check out this stunning five-bedroom smart home located in Studio City, California. The property is equipped with state-of-the-art smart home technology,  a heated salt-water infinity pool (oh you fancy huh?) and a gourmet eat-in kitchen. You’ll also noticed from the pictures below that the house […]


This is the Most Affordable Automatic Standing Desk That You’ll Find

With the increased awareness on the dangers of sitting too long, office-folks are encouraged to switch from using traditional desks to standing desks when they work. However, the biggest downside has been the cost of these desks. From doing a quick Google search, the cheapest I found was at $699. Now, thanks to 31-year-old entrepreneur […]


5 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

It is very easy to find yourself leading an unhealthy lifestyle when you are traveling long-term. Eating a balanced diet can quickly become a chore with the wide availability of easy and cheap street food. The temptation to overindulge in exotic cuisines can become overwhelming. You may find your alcohol intake increasing and lack of […]


Surviving an Earthquake: Is ‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’ Really the Best Way?

With the recent earthquakes in Southern California, some say it’s a sign of the huge quake to come that will surely leave a lot of damage. In all the speculation, some people have been stocking up on water and necessities to prepare. However, what is the best way to actually survive the big one when […]


Pilots and Flight Attendants Confess the 21 Dirty Secrets of Flying

Flying can make up a huge part of our lives, especially if it’s a part of your profession. The following question was asked on Reddit sometime at the end of last year: Flight Attendants, Pilots, or Engineers, what are secrets that passengers don’t know when you ride on planes or things you can get for […]