Mexican Laborer Films Epic Response to Donald Trump’s ‘Mexican Rapists’ Comments

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Billionaire Donald Trump, a presidential hopeful who can’t stop vomiting racist comments, recently pushed for the banishment of some of … Continue reading


Former Disney CEO: ‘Unbelievably Beautiful Women Are Not Funny’

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This Popular Music Festival Plans to Turn People’s Pee into Beer

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Tons of Reddit Users Flock to Competing Platform in Midst of Reddit Chaos

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UFC Fighter Has ‘As Much Sex as Possible’ Before His Fights, Disses Mayweather Again

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Reddit’s CEO Allegedly Fired an Employee For Having Cancer and Not Recovering Fast Enough

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(UPDATE 12:31 p.m. Pacific: Dacvak’s AMA has been removed from Reddit’s front page.) In the midst of all the chaos … Continue reading


Burglary Suspect Breaks Down in Court After Realizing Judge is a Childhood Friend

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SoBe Freaked People Out With Their Suspicious ‘Help Me’ Bottle Cap Messages

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Homeless Man Who Returned $2,400 to Police Decides to Give Back Even More

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One Moment Changed How a Poor 11-Year-Old Boy Would View Money Forever

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