Chinese Men Banned From Endorsing Maxi Pads by New Law

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This Crossing Guard Gives Absolutely No Sh*ts About People Actually Crossing

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Woman Completely Loses Her Sh*t Over the Color of Her Peppers at Kebab Restaurant

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Son of China’s Richest Man Reveals the Truth Behind Why Gaming is So Popular in China

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British Man Gets Email From a Scammer Offering Him $9.2 Million — Epic Trolling Ensues

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This is How the Best Knives in the World are Made

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Science Has Bad News For People Whose Parents Have Cheated

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Czech Model’s Epic Tantrum on Flight to See Her Cat Causes Emergency Landing

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Why Being Weird Might Help You Find a Date, According to New Study

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What Elon Musk Means When He Says ‘I Don’t Know What a Business Is’

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