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Doctor Eugene Gu Fired From Hospital For Standing Against White Supremacy

Doctor Eugene Gu, internet famous for drawing criticism for taking a knee against White supremacy on Twitter, revealed that he was fired from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) after experiencing a string of bullying incidents and complaints from patients who allegedly had a problem with his stance against racism.

Gu, a vocal proponent in the fight against White supremacy, originally made headlines for taking a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Golden West College Updates Fate of Racist Professor Who Claims She Isn’t Racist

Golden West College

Last week, Tarin Frances Olson went viral for racially abusing a Chinese-American couple and their baby, telling them that they were “disgusting” and needed to “go back to their home country” because they were making her “culture extinct”.

Netizens quickly discovered that the woman was a therapist and a professor, employed with Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. As news of her racist rant quickly went viral, more and more people demanded an answer from the organization. Initially, the college gave a lukewarm response on their FaceBook page:

Americans Who Do Yoga Promote White Supremacy, Michigan Professor Claims

yoga white supremacy

White Americans who practice yoga are preserving the “continuation of white supremacy and colonialism,” according to a professor Michigan State University.

Shreena Gandhi, a professor of religious studies, published her stance in “Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation,” a report co-written with Lillie Wolff who claims to be an “antiracist White Jewish organizer, facilitator and healer.”

Asian American Doctor Receives Death Threats After Kneeling to Fight White Supremacy

Dr. Eugene Gu, a general surgery resident physician at Vanderbilt University Hospital, has been receiving harsh criticism — even death threats — for his now viral photo of him taking a knee to stand in solidarity with NFL players in their fight against oppression of African-Americans.

I’m an Asian-American doctor and today I #TakeTheKnee to fight white supremacy.

Chinese Restaurant Shuts Down After Customers Find Out Owner Supports KKK Leader

O’mei, a popular Chinese restaurant in Santa Cruz, California, closed its doors after being boycotted by customers and even some of its employees.

The boycott ensued when public records, obtained by the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (also known as Indybay), revealed that Roger Grigsby, the restaurant’s owner, supported David Duke’s Louisiana Senate campaign with $500 last year.

Asian American Tries to Rescue Neo-Nazi Website, Becomes ‘Hero of the White Race’

After being dumped by its Internet service provider GoDaddy and many others, neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer soon found itself a new home — under the welcoming arms of Asian American entrepreneur Nick Lim.

According to Lim, founder of BitMitigate, he offered his firm’s services to Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin in the name of free speech. He admitted, however, that he also wanted to create publicity for his company, which protects websites from “denial of services attacks”.