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Kang Daniel drops his first full-length album ‘The Story’

  • K-pop soloist Kang Daniel released his first full-length album “The Story” on May 24 and a music video for the title track, “Upside Down.”
  • The 10-track album features songs all co-written by Kang with contributions from other artists such as Konnect Entertainment labelmate Chancellor and songwriter Brian Lee of Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls.”
  • Other artists featured on the album include rapper Jessi, Sokodomo and Dbo.
  • This is Kang’s first release following his three color-themed mini-albums: “Cyan” and “Magenta” in 2020 and “Yellow” in 2021.

K-pop soloist Kang Daniel released his first full-length album, “The Story,” along with title track “Upside Down” on Tuesday.

Kang expressed his thoughts on the album, saying, “In ‘The Story,’ I wanted to honestly talk about myself. I expressed the journey I’ve had so far like a novel. I thought about what the concept of this album is, but I don’t think it’s really about a concept. Each track is simply my story.”

K-Pop Star From Wanna One Reveals He Was Bullied in School For Being ‘Ugly’

Wanna One member Kang Daniel cheered up a bullied fan by sharing his own experience of being a victim of bullying. Daniel comforted the 17-year-old girl after hearing her horrible experience with bullies during the “Hello Counselor” segment of KBS 2TV.

The girl revealed that she was constantly tormented by her sister due to her looks; as she became more emotional, Daniel came to her rescue just as she was starting to feel too embarrassed. The Wanna One member revealed that he, too, had been bullied because of his looks.