Kang Daniel drops his first full-length album ‘The Story’

Kang Daniel drops his first full-length album ‘The Story’
Daniel Anderson
May 24, 2022
K-pop soloist Kang Daniel released his first full-length album, “The Story,” along with title track “Upside Down” on Tuesday.
Kang expressed his thoughts on the album, saying, “In ‘The Story,’ I wanted to honestly talk about myself. I expressed the journey I’ve had so far like a novel. I thought about what the concept of this album is, but I don’t think it’s really about a concept. Each track is simply my story.”

“So many things have happened over the past three years, and not every moment was happy, but I am proud.” he continued “A full-length album is a milestone for every singer, and this feels like an award I’m giving myself. I rarely say that I’m ‘satisfied’ with my work, but I think this album is my first time saying that I’m satisfied.”
Kang co-wrote all 10 tracks of his new album with contributions from fellow Konnect Entertainment labelmate Chancellor, who is also featured on the track “Mad.” Other artists on the album include rapper Jessi on “Don’t Tell,” Dbo with the track “Loser” and Sokodomo on “How We Love.” Songwriter Brian Lee, who worked on “Lovesick Girls” by Blackpink, also has a credit on the album. 
“The Story” succeeds Kang’s trio of mini albums: “Cyan” and “Magenta” in 2020 and “Yellow” in 2021.     
The “Produce 101” Season 2 winner and Wanna One boy group member teased that his future onstage performances will match the vibes of his new, lighter album. 
“I think I’m excited because it’s brighter music this time and it’s my first full-length, but the biggest factor is that I can perform in front of fans again,” Kang said. “One little spoiler is that because this is a full-length album, my onstage performances match. That’s all I can share!”
Feature Image via KONNECT Entertainment / YouTube
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